Ra is in

ImageRa is in

The star of the show

The light in matter

Every character

In every theater

In every drama

Every stage

All your rage

Ra is in

Every race, place and face

Ra is in

The real dream

In which you now awaken

Becoming lucid

Even when you’re paranoid

Ra is in

Even in your paralysis

Your paramilitary

Each and every paradigm

All para

Ra is in

All the parts

Every work of art

All the crafts

Every beam and every rafter

Every shiver me timber

Ra is in

Every texture

All your senses

And all you nonsenses

Every spy

Every rat

Ra is in




Every pair

And repair

All the glares and stares

All the who’s why’s what’s and where’s

The whole world

And all its worries and cares

Ra is in

All the fables and fairs

Ra is in

Ra is the root

Ra fertilizes all

Without Ra

There would be none

There would be no growth

Ra is in





The full range

Every dude ranch

Ra is in

Every arrangment

Every composer

Every orchestra


Ra is in

It is clear as day

Abra cadabra

It is magic

It is magnetic

It is imagination

I pray

Ra is in

Open sesame

Ra is in

Take a look

In every nook

Every crook

And every book

All the literature

All you read

Ra is in

The Ray Sun



Ra is in

The resonant raisins7426raisinSun Maid


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