Ra is in

7426raisinRa is in

Your breakfast this morning

Every bite you take

Every road you take

Trail you walk

Track you ride

Every race you run

Ra is in

Every cracker you bite

Crayon with which you draw

Fruit which is raw

Your seesaw

Design delight in all

All is fruit on the vine

All is Ra

All is divine

Ra is in

Each and every gift you wrap

Each and every color you see

Each and every sound you hear

Even when you fall into a trap

Ra is in

Your lunch break

Your pet snake

Everything you make

Your excrement

Your cement

Your brick


Digestive tract

Ra is in

The supreme fertilizer

Oh yes Sun Ra is in


Sun Ra is not only in Jesus

Ra is Jesus

Ra is in Christ

The one to whom you pray

Every Sunday at church

The big bright guy on the cross

In the sky

Ra is in

The entire Earth

Air Fire Water


Ra is in

Every gram you weigh

Every word you say

Ra is in

Every time you take your leave

Every time you try to deceive

Every distortion you ever believe

Even in your ignorance

Even in your poverty

Ra is in

Ra is the One

Ra is the Son

Ra is the figure 8

Ra is the letter S

And all the numbers

And all the letters

Ra is your smile

Your disposition

Your ear

Your corn







Ra is in your hair

You can see Ra everywhere

If you care

If you dare

You can see Sun Ra

Is who you really are

Ra is natural

Ra is pure

Give thanks to Ra

For all you have

For all that grows

For all that flows

For all you know

For all you eat

For every treat

None would be possible

Without the light Ra




Solar Ra

Aton of the day

Every time you turn on the light


All electricity

All current

All Ra




Ra is in

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