To the Naysayers

ImageThe Haters

The dead

I will not be bothered by you

For you are ignorant

You are impoverished and you know not

You are not a lover and poet like me and

You don’t know what you are missing

You haven’t even begun to take account of the

Magnitude of your blindness

You are afraid

You are foolish

You do not understand

The Holy Science

You have no idea of where all your scientific

And religious institutions come from and mostly

You don’t care to find out

You are a prisoner of belief and

The left brain hemisphere

Without the joy of an opened and active imagination

Without the radiance of an opened heart

You have become ugly and distorted

You do not understand your

Own ancient origins

You have no idea who you are

You do not know that Pythagorean

Numerology, the philo-soph-y of numbers,

is just as scientific as

Mathematics, founded by the same

Man, Pythagoras

Nor do you know that Astrology is

Also just as scientific as Astronomy

Numerology and Astrology are the

Right brain hemisphere modes, the Divine Feminine

While Math and Astronomy are the

Left brain ones- the Divine Masculine

You may not even know that your own

Brain has two hemispheres, let alone

What the functions of each are

Or how they relate to each other

You only care to place your awareness on

The surface of phenomena, never going below it

Expending all of your energy gossiping about others

Pointing the finger in judgment of others

Forever avoiding facing the poverty of mind

Within yourself and your own monotonous

Mechanical life of joyless routine and mere survival

I know we are all powerful co-creators

I am remembering and awakening

I am opening and blossoming

You will not stop me

We are magical electromagnetic eternal cosmic being

We are the imagination of ourselves and this is just a ride

I have realized and remembered this and I march

Forward into the unknown with joy and celebration

In my heart, singing the electromagnetic energy I am

Quite literally raising my vibration

Reclaiming my whole brain, which allows me to behold

Majesty, meaning and beauty everywhere

Loving nature and harmonizing with the Universe

Fearing not the petty judgments of the shallow, lost and ig-no-Ra-nt

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