Both And

the taoIt is Both And
Not Either Or. Rigid Either Or perception Is the perception of the left Brain prisoner, One who has been systematically traumatized and Programmed to perceive only
The eternal polarities as being At war with each other. The whole brained integrated individual perceives The polarities, Yin and Yang, as being United, Balanced and Harmonized, forming A greater Whole, the full spectrum of Being.

Thus it is with all dualistic philosophical debates, The primary one being Determinism vs. Free Will. People who take sides in this and all dualistic
Debate, either joining the Determinism camp or The Free Will Camp, are prisoners of Linear Left Brain Hemisphere Perception, able to analyze and break down But unable to integrate and unify- Such people are out of
Balance and Out of Tune- with themselves and the Uni-verse.

The Whole Brained People know that it is not Either Or- It is Both- these individuals integrate the contraries and see that Everything is Destined AND We have Free Will.

We have the free will to align with this destined present Moment, the fullness of being, right here right now, all There Is And we have the free will to be out alignment. We have the free will to reclaim our whole brains,
busting out of the left brain prison of patricentric control-freak culture, reclaiming our wholeness and power to choose and create our own thoughts and our own realities and we have the free will to remain in the prison.

time to awaken

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