Swampscott Sandman

He enters his password, clicks on Posts and then finally clicks on Add New Post.

Denny’s Waitress in New Mexico: I’ve been to Boston before.  And a small town called Swampscott.  That’s near New Hampshire right?  I was only six, so I don’t remember it well.  I think I liked it, though.  I remember a huge aquarium there.

Great science museum.

Last night I dreamed I was hanging out with Adam Sandler, Sandman.  We drove him to the set.  Then Gary Cherone mentioned him- Sandman- today at my Checkstand At the End of the Universe, Checkstand 3.  At Unique American Grocery Store #506.

‘You could do it all,’ said Gary, meaning comedy AND serious stuff….’he’s good (Sandman) but he just does the comedy.’  Gary brought up Sandman, not me.

I asked Sandman in the dream if he ever was going to do any drama again.  I told him I loved Punch Drunk Love.

‘No, just comedy.’

‘I can understand that,’ I said.  Or something to that effect.

I also dreamed last night- actually it was this morning just before waking up- that I was in Grant Park, or what looked like Grant Park (how it looked the night Obama was elected), and there was a display of UFO’s, incredibly real flying saucers zipping and whooshing right over my head.  Startling shit.  It was night time.  But the sun had already risen outside here while I slept.

Me (to Sandman): Those UFO’s were holograms.  You and I know the real ones wouldn’t make an overt public display like that.

Sandman: Yep.

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