The Twins

Lost is based on Philip K. Dick’s Exegesis.  This is our thesis.  The show was consciously conceived by its creators- from its inception- as an homage to the master sci-fi author’s vast metaphysical treatise, which was composed after Dick’s visionary experience in March, 1974.  This represents a major discovery, one which has not been thoroughly explored and proven by anyone to this point.  Yet there it is, staring you in the face if you look at the undeniable connections with an open mind.

Yes, there are tons of literary references in Lost, but they all amount to one huge clue pointing to the following: the show in its entirety is based on one literary work- PKD’s VALIS and the 52 parts of The Exegesis in the Appendix. VALIS itself appears in Season 3 when Locke gives it to Ben- from his own collection- to read in his second period spent in captivity.  This is a clue given by the creators and writers that VALIS- and the first 52 tracts of The Exegesis listed in its Appendix- is the basis of the whole 6 seasons of the series.  Oh yes, and let’s not forget to note this- when Jack, the physician/Savior, needs surgery, what organ does he need removed?  The organ Juliette removes?  The APPENDIX.  This is another clue given by the writers of the show, for the Appendix of VALIS- The Exegesis- is the basis of the entire show.  Read those 52 tracts in the Appendix of VALIS and then go back and watch Lost.  It’s plain as day.  Jack is the physician/Savior of The Exegesis.

The themes of the show Lost, its characters and its whole plot, are based on the major ideas and the general philosophical thrust of the Exegesis.  Jacob and the Man in Black, ‘Locke,’ are the Twins, Hyperuniverse I and Hyperuniverse II, explained at the beginning of The Exegesis, who form the Divine Syzygy.  Locke is the unhealthy, ‘deranged’ twin.  Jacob is the healthy twin.  Everything else follows from there.  From the dates involved in the ‘time dysfunctions’- 1974- 1977, which I wrote about in ‘The Cash Register Synchronicities,’ to the Island and its strikingly similar properties to VALIS- the acronym Vast Active Living Intelligence System- its ability to both heal and poison- the Man of Science vs. The Man of Faith, black vs. white, Hurley and his efforts to prove- to himself and others- that he is not crazy.  Or is he crazy?  Same as Philip K. Dick in VALIS.  Is he crazy or is he really in contact with VALIS?

The other thing Lost is based on is the following: aspects of my life, specific people and events therein and perhaps my very destiny.

This is very mysterious and very exciting stuff and I am not going to go into more details right now.  There’s still lots more yet to be revealed.  I don’t know how it all works, all the mechanisms at play, but it seems to me that somehow the creators of the show got information about my life and my future.  Just know this: this shit is for real.  The Great Perturbations are upon us, like it or not.  Hold onto your hats, folks!

I suspect the events to be played out in my life in the coming weeks and months will reveal much more.  I shall try to keep you posted.

I shall also go back and insert instances of Lost that connect to the specific parts of The Exegesis.

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