Epilogue 1: Home Coming

A week or so ago my father unloaded a couple of John Bradshaw books on me.  The one presently on my lap here is entitled: ‘HOME COMING- Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child.’  Shortly, I am going to share with you the epilogue of this book; I read it last week and found it touched on what I only hinted at in The Cash Register Synchronicities, the idea that at present ‘we are still divine infants in exile.’

Looking back at the preceding 33 chapters of writing, I see that many may not appreciate it and many may not get it.  That’s fine by me.  I don’t really appreciate it or get it myself right now.  Also, I wasn’t writing for the many.  In fact, I did not write it ‘for’ anyone, not even myself.  Honestly, at this point I am not sure why I wrote it at all.  Again, that’s fine.

Going into it all I really knew was that I wanted to log the cash register synchronicities I had collected, get them out of the Emergen-C boxes and into cyberspace.  I knew that I wanted to touch upon the difficult topic of synchronicity, but I wasn’t sure what would be the best way of saying what I wanted to say.  There were days when I felt inspired to write, the ideas just flowing out onto the page.  Other days I wished I hadn’t even started the project, feeling either I had too little or too much to say.  I don’t know if you’ve ever sat down and tried to organize and formulate thoughts on difficult and personal subject matter, but I will tell you right now that it is no easy task.

I did not include much, if anything, about my childhood.  Perhaps I will attempt to write about that at another time.  Along with childhood, there is much of my life I chose to leave out of this autobiographical writing.  I am a very private person, and I do not feel comfortable at all sharing my personal history with everyone.  If that wasn’t entirely clear to me at the outset of the writing, it became extremely apparent during the project.

Having said all that, there’s something I want to say in closing here.  As usual, I am not sure the best way to say it, but I’ll give it a whirl.  What the hell, I figure.  (Really, that is the spirit in which I have been writing all along.  It has been a kind of experiment, I suppose.  Usually I would just start writing and see what emerges.)

I believe ufo’s and their occupants are real, which isn’t that crazy considering a majority of Americans now believe that as well.  I also believe there exists a ‘shadow government’ within and beyond our ‘democratic’ government, which has for some time been both covering up and managing public perception of ufo’s and their occupants.

The ‘aliens’ have been here all along.  They really aren’t so alien at all; they’re a heck of a lot more familiar to us than we realize.  They could be our multi-dimensional selves, or ourselves in the future.

When I began studying ufology in San Diego in 1997, it was with an open-mind and a spirit of intellectual adventure.  Although some skeptics would claim that I was psychologically conditioned to believe in ufo’s and aliens, born in 1976 during the sci-fi explosion into mainstream American culture, the time of Superman, Star Wars and E.T.- all of which were my favorites.   (I also loved Mork From Ork.)  I believe, however, that from the level of Spirit- the Beyond- the whole adventure of a lifetime is mapped out.  This adventure is the Home Coming that Bradshaw is referring to in his Epilogue.  There is also a lot of this Home Coming idea in much of the abduction reports in Harvard psychiatrist John Mack’s book entitled simply ‘Abduction.’

I believe in the soul and reincarnation. I believe that I was predisposed to feel a sense of passion and knowing about the subject of ufology from experiences I had in past incarnations.

I believe that the inner is as real as the outer, that just as the outer world is inhabited with an astoundingly diverse array of sentient life forms, so is the inner world, the world we access through dreams- both daydreams and nightdreams.  I believe that consciousness is the thread that binds it all together, that the world of matter as such- a solid, fixed reality- does not exist without consciousness ordering and arranging it all.  Quantum Physics has started us on the path toward understanding the holographic nature of ‘reality.’  The ancient Hermetic alchemical tradition hit the nail on the head with the assertion As Above, So Below.  The universe, or multiverse, is holographic.

And, finally, I have some good news to share with you: We, the divine infants in exile, are on our way Home.

Pg. 285 HOMECOMING by John Bradshaw:


‘Creativity is the glory of being human.  It is what distinguishes us from all other created beings.  Our human destiny is to create our own unique lifestyle.  You may do it as a parent who challenges the old order.  Someone else might do it by refusing to play his designated cultural role.  Creating your own life takes the courage to risk new ways of being.  Creativity is closely related to success.  As I see it, success is doing what you want with your one and only life.  Joseph Campbell, perhaps the greatest teacher of the meaning of myth, called doing what you want with your own life finding your bliss.  This also takes courage- to try new things and to stop and move on when they don’t work for us.  To do this, we need the spontaneity, resiliency, and curiosity of the wonder child.  When we have the courage to wish upon our own star, we give the universe something new.  In his poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” T.S. Eliot asks: “Do I dare disturb the universe?”  Indeed, every unique lifestyle that is achieved creates the universe anew.

Being creative is not just our crowning human glory, it is our true Image of God.  To create is to be like our creator in the truest sense of the word.  Creativity gives us the chance to fashion our lives as our own work of art.  In so doing we help create the patterns of al future human life.  As James Joyce put it:

      Welcome, O life!  I go to encounter for the millionth time the reality of experience and to forge in the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscience of my race.

Creative choice is your birthright.  Please own it.’




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