32. 246: The Cash Register Synchronicities

In case you’re just tuning in, we’re in the process of logging the collection of cash register synchronicities, a phenomenon which I have been tracking at my Unique American Cash Register since 2005.

Is this phenomenon part of the much discussed global transformation?  Is it symptomatic of the emergence of a new type of consciousness?  A transformed consciousness which naturally seeks and finds connection, unity, peace, love and harmony?  Is it the beginning of the end of the age of war for profit and the beginning of the golden age of peace on earth?  Is it the end of rule by secrecy and the beginning of rule by openness?


246. 12-11-10; 5:24 pm; Customer’s change is $2.64 and there is a 264 right in the center of the first one dollar bill I take to give to the Customer from the register till.

247. 11-11-10: $105.06 @ 5:06 pm

True Compass

248. Date Unknown: $15.45 @ 5:45 pm

249. 7-11-11: $12.44 @ 5:44 pm

Love is Universal

250. 12-20-10: $11.22 @ 1:22 pm

251. 1-16-12: $84.02 @ 4:28 pm

252. 1-13-12: $16.54 @ 6:16 pm

253. 8-28-09: $39.14 @ 5:39 pm

254. 12-12-11: $66.03 @ 6:06 pm

LOST Tue Apr 13 10 9:00 pm Cinema NR 966 1 Pass $.00 The CinemaCafe is open Fri


pg 48, The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels, Chapter 3, God The Father/God The Mother (continued):  ‘Christianity, of course, added the trinitarian terms to the Jewish description of God.  Yet of the three “Persons,” two- the Father and the Son- are described in masculine terms, and the third- the Spirit- suggests the sexlessness of the Greek neuter term for spirit, pneuma.  Whoever investigates the early history of Christianity (the field called “patristics”- that is, study of “the fathers of the church”) will be prepared for the passage that concludes the Gospel of Thomas:

Simon Peter said to them {the disciples}:  “Let Mary leave us, for women are not worthy of Life.”  Jesus said, “I myself shall lead her, in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit, resembling you males.  For every woman who will make herself male will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Strange as it sounds, this simply states what religious rhetoric assumes: the the men form the legitimate body of the community, while women are allowed to participate only when they assimilate themselves to men.  Other texts discovered at Nag Hammadi demonstrate one striking difference between these “heretical” sources and orthodox ones: gnostic sources continually use sexual symbolism to describe God.  One might expect that these texts would show the influence of archaic pagan traditions of the Mother Goddess, but for the most part, their language is specifically Christian, unmistakably related to a Jewish heritage.  Yet instead of describing a monistic and masculine God, many of these texts speak of God as a dyad who embraces both masculine and feminine elements.

One group of gnostic sources claims to have received a secret tradition from Jesus through James and through Mary Magdalene.  Members of this group prayed to both the divine Father and Mother:  “From Thee, Father, and through Thee, Mother, the two immortal names, Parents of the divine being, and thou, dweller in heaven, humanity, of the mighty name…”  Other texts indicate that their authors had wondered to whom a single, masculine God proposed, “Let us make man {adam} in our image, after our likeness” (Genesis 1:26).  Since the Genesis account goes on to say that humanity was created “male and female” (1:27), some concluded that the God in whose image we are made must also be both masculine and feminine- both Father and Mother.’


I believe that my lifetime is inextricably linked with President Kennedy.  I believe I chose my time of birth- and my parents- to trigger remembrance of myself as a spiritual being who has chosen to incarnate for a specific purpose.  That purpose, or Dharma, is now in the process of being revealed.

Here’s why I have developed these beliefs:  My Date of Birth is May 29, same as President Kennedy’s.  My father’s Date of Birth is November 22, the date of Kennedy’s Assassination.  My father turned 11 on 11/22/63, that fateful day which, as Stephen King said, was the 9/11 of his generation.

Both 11/22 and 9/11, upon close examination, have all the earmarks of CIA black-ops.

Here’s what Kennedy would have said in his speech at the Dallas Trade Mart on 11/22/63:  “We in this country, in this generation, are- by destiny rather than choice- the watchmen on the walls of world freedom.  We ask, therefore, that we may be worthy of our power and responsibility, that we may exercise our strength with wisdom and restraint, and that we may achieve in our time and for all time the ancient vision of ‘peace on earth, goodwill toward men.’  That must always be our goal, and the righteousness of our cause must always underlie our strength.  For as was written long ago, ‘except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.'”  (pg 249 Let Every Nation Know by Robert Dallek and Terry Golway)

War is profit, war is industry and war is the American way.  The charismatic Kennedy was challenging this way.  He was a threat to the system, the war machinery.  He was encouraging Americans to share his vision of a peaceful world, and the war hawks and ‘elite’ bankers of the military industrial complex were not going to stand for this.  They were not going to let one man and his brother the Attorney General threaten their empire.  JFK had to go.

The bankers and hawks don’t want presidents- (nor citizens)- who think for themselves, who exercise wisdom and restraint and who question the mad mandates of Central Intelligence, military commanders and strategic and economic advisers.  The bankers and hawks want George W. Bushes, self-proclaimed ‘war presidents.’  They want presidents who follow orders.

Over and over again since he narrowly defeated Nixon in 1960, and especially after the Bay of Pigs fiasco in his first year as president, JFK refused to simply follow orders.  Which is why he was executed in Dallas.  He was a threat to the established power system based on war for profit.  Though he was from the circle of ‘elite’,  the wealthy ruling-class families whose members reap by far the majority of the spoils of the diabolical system under which we live, JFK did not think and act solely on behalf of his own elite economic niche.  He thought and acted on behalf of the entire Planet Earth.  This simply would not do.  JFK had to go.


255. 3-14-11: $6.56 @ 6:56 pm


“One cannot expect to be conscious of God’s presence when one has only a bowing acquaintance with Him.” ~Madame Chiang Kai-Shek

Obviously, we have abandoned the plan of not employing the word God.  It just wouldn’t do.  For we sense that God, the name of the one and the many and the not one and not many, is playfully and pointedly directing and guiding this work along.  We sense God has a message.  We sense God seeks the human, just as the human seeks God.

Dear Brothers and Sisters Who Are Called Atheistic Scientists, Is it not possible that there is no conflict between conceptions of God and the what is being shown in the unfolding narratives of Natural Science?  Is it really natural vs. supernatural, or is it really natural AND supernatural?  Do not the structures found on the cellular and genetic levels imply intelligent and creative design?  Yes, replies the Atheist, but Natural Selection created the DNA molecule.  Wow, that Natural Selection must be pretty intelligent.  No, Natural Selection is not a person, you are trying to say, Mrs. Atheist?  But who created this Senor Natural Selection?  And who created the creator of Natural Selection?  And who created the creator of the creator of Natural Selection?   & don’t forget, your Particle Physics and Quantum Physics!, how very strange and ethereal, dare I say it? how spiritual phenomena become at the quantum level!  how much has the whole landscape been changed by seeing into the subatomic level, just how much more indeterminate has the shifting threads of the Magic Carpet of manifestation become?  Additionally, the Carpet is experiencing morphological shifting due to the psycho-spiritual impact of the UFO Phenomenon and countless other ‘fringe’ subjects, such as Psi Phenomena and Synchronicity, combined with the seismic impact of the rapidly evolving and expanding global communications technology- mass media and the internet.


Where are you taking us?  God only knows.

‘Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.’  What is energy?  It is the invisible made visible, it is everything and everywhere, transparent to transcendence, matter and antimatter, it moves in waves, by conduction and through the All.

Oh yes, and incidentally, God is not a strict monotheist.  I’ve heard he is rather an equal-opportunity-monotheistic-polytheist.  He dabbles in Universalism, is the word on the street.  He’s also not a He, they say.  That’s right, God isn’t just Transcendent, He’s also Transgendered!

Oh yes, and we shouldn’t forget to note that God is also a Natural Scientist.  But that should be pretty clear by now, yes?


256. 3-12-11 @ 5:10 pm: Customer Total is $40.93- last item of order is an Onion, whose code is #4093

257. 3-12-11: $22.52 @ 2:55 pm

258. Date and Time Unknown: I notice, in the change I took out for the Customer, a very old-looking penny.  I look at its year of creation: 1946.  I tell the Customer and she tells me she was born in 1946.

259. 01-09-11: $81.18 @ 12:12 pm

260. 11-08-10: Customer’s change is $2.03 @ 2:03 pm

261. 08-10-10: @4:49 pm $51.51 for 15 items.  Next purchase is $72.72

262. 02-26-11: $16.52 @ 6:52 pm

Stay tuned.  Coming up next is Backgammon with Buckminster Fuller!

263. $27.72 @ 4:27 pm


The Atheistic Natural Scientist doesn’t listen, of course.  He/She has set him/herself rigidly in opposition to anything associated with religion.  Which is understandable and perhaps forgivable, since Science was treated like shit by Religion for so long.

Here are the other reasons Natural Science flat-out dismisses the existence of Soul and God:  First, if a scientist sets out to study the Soul and God, he or she could be subjected to an onslaught of peer ridicule and condemnation and ultimately lose his or her job.  The other reason is that money rules the oppressive system under which we live, the system of which the scientific institutions are but a part.  There is no money to be made in scientifically investigating the Soul and God.  There is no material gain in studying the non-material.


It is December 26, 2011 at 1:01 pm.  You are in the Portal, which is Charlie’s brain.  You are at Cracker Barrel Store #462 in Sturbridge, MA.  It is 1:01 pm.  You just sat at the Checkerboard Table in a rocking chair.  You are paying your bill.  A very busy day at Cracker Barrel Store #462.  You sat at the Checkerboard Table facing the kitchen.  You drank coffee, ate the Smokehouse Bacon Scramble.  Your waitress’s name was Carlene P.  You speculate that the P stands for Pretty.  Carlene asked you if you had ever sat at the Checkerboard Table before.  You smiled and answered no.  In fact, you had never been at this Cracker Barrel before.  An old woman asked you if you used to work here.  You smiled and answered no, of course, since you had never been at this Cracker Barrel before.

The total price of your breakfast and coffee at Cracker Barrel on 12-26-11 at 1:01 pm is: $8.75.  And your purchase is number 5708.  $8.75 & 5708.  There it is, in bold print, right there on the receipt.


264. 12-19-11: @ 5:13 pm- Customer’s purchase contains 23 items and the Customer’s son, who is present and friendly, has his 23rd birthday the following day.

265. 2-27-11: $32.25 @ 3:52

266. 1-14-12: $32.04 @ 4:32 pm

267. 1-14-12: back to back Totals- $11.98 followed by $11.98

268. 1-14-12: $33.76 @ 3:37 pm

269. 1-13-12: $18.45 @ 6:18 pm

270. 12-26-11: $25.32 @ 5:32 pm

271. 2-19-11: $6.36 @ 6:30 pm

272. 01-19-12: @ 4:52 pm Customer’s Total is $19.81 and Customer was born in 1981.


On 1-20, the day following cash register synchronicity number 272, I was about to add another quarter to the parking meter for my parking space in Salem when I felt unaccountably compelled to check the year of the quarter.  You guessed it: 1981.

That’s weird.  What’s up with that?


273. 01-19-12: $35.11 @ 5:11 pm


I spy there is more

than meets the eye

I think I can see

I feel I can be

And my soul shall never die


The Universe is made up of precise patterns and ratios, says Danny Glover on 21st century flat-screen digital television.


I went to the Beyond section at Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday.  No, I did not find Christopher Walken as Morty.  Nor was Adam Sandler chillin’ back there.  No, what I found in the Beyond section was something different.  It was a ratio: 1 1.618.


274. 10-07-11: $71.11 @ 7:01 pm


Then, one day at 711, the Golden Ratio popped out of the Slush Puppy machine.


275. 10-07-11: $9.27 @ 7:29 pm

276. 1-22-11: $4.24 @ 4:42 pm- & the Customer is 24 years of age.


What do you make of it?  What would you do if you started noticing such patterns at your Unique American Cash Register?

All we can really say at this point is that it’s definitely synchronicity at work here; at least it’s clear that we’ve got meaningful coincidence, the acausal connecting principle, popping up in a major way here.  I know there is more than meets the eye.  That’s about it, right now.  I’m following the trail, going wherever it leads.

Would you like a mug of tea?


The Nine Giant Hawks descend to the CVS parking lot, where Charlie F. Grant sleeps.  The address is 509 Eastern Avenue, Lynn Lynn The City of Sin.


We are in agreement with the Gnostics, who saw that, more than sin- missing the mark-, it is ignorance- not knowing- which is the source of your woes on Earth.


It was Thursday, January 26, 2012.  You made it through the first big geomagnetic storm of the year.  It was a year filled with intense energetic output from the Solar Disc.  But you made it through it.  The storms did not destroy you.  Here’s why: you surrendered to the river’s current.  You opened yourself to it, you went with it, and as a result you got to enter the Beyond section.

See Charlie in the Beyond section, waving his white flag, the golden numbers dancing all around him.  It is a joyful occasion.

I am no longer merely Charlie.  I am no longer bound by the laws of gravity.  I am Hawke, and I can fly.

Before me superheroes were merely the stuff of comic books and movies.


277. 1-16-11: $14.72 @ 4:27 pm

278. 6-26-11: $26.10 @ 11:10 am- 10 items in Customer’s purchase


The Fortune Cookie speaketh yet again: Good to begin well, better to end well.


279. 1-13-12: $36.63 @ 6:36 pm


280. Date and Time Unknown: $24.42 twice in first three orders of the day


The Fortune Cookie speaketh yet again again: Spring has sprung.  Life is blooming.


Lucky Numbers 1, 43, 18, 16, 17, 27


281. 09-09-10: $4.44 @ 6:44 pm


The Pulse quickens even more now.  An episode of ‘Ripley’s: Believe it or Not’ plays on the tv.  Kokopelli belts out sorrowful, haunting beauty.

The Divine Mother speaks: You, Charlie, were born to be a Magician.  You were born to transcend the laws of space, time and gravity, to awaken the dormant Kundalini at the base of your sacred spine, making your body full of Light.  You were born to transform.  You were born to open the third eye of transcendental consciousness, overcoming the limiting and false beliefs with which you were programmed as a child.  You are not bound by physical laws, you just believe that you are.  You are a spiritual (eternal) being having a human (temporal) experience, not the other way around.  You can fly, walk through walls, stop bullets, rearrange molecular structures at will.  The only thing stopping you is your belief that you cannot, your belief that the world is solid, dense.  Your indoctrination into the system of lies under which your world is dominated has yet to be overcome.  The energy of fear still clouds your consciousness.  I will help you let go completely, my son, when the appointed time arrives.  For now, have faith in what I say and keep moving forward on the path, for it leads you to the liberation you desire.  It leads you to your destiny.

When your awakening is complete- when your body is full of light- you shall attain limitless power.  You will activate the dormant codons in your DNA.  You shall become Hawke.  You will work for me, following the Path of the Bodhisattva, which is the Path of the Spiritual Superhero. You will employ your Transcendental Powers only in the service of compassion and love, working toward the goal of ending ignorance and suffering for all sentient beings.


282. 11-05-10: $10.65 @ 5:16 pm


Sri Sri Ravi Shankar speaketh: ‘Religion is the banana skin.  Spirituality is the banana.’

Bananaman cheers..


283. 12-12-11: $16.63 @ 6:03 pm

284. 12-01-11: $29.69 @ 5:59 pm

285. 12-16-11: @ 5:04 pm- first 2 orders of the day are $19.95 & $18.95


Chapter 3 of ‘The Gnostic Gospels’ by Elaine Pagels (continued): ‘How do these texts characterize the divine Mother?  I find no simple answer, since the texts themselves are extremely diverse.  Yet we may sketch out three primary characterizations.  In the first place, several gnostic groups describe the divine Mother as part of an original couple.  Valentinus, the teacher and poet, begins with the premise that God is essentially indescribable.  But he suggests that the divine can be imagined as a dyad; consisting, in one part, of the Ineffable, the Depth, the Primal Father; and, in the other, of Grace, Silence, the Womb and “Mother of All.”  Valentinus reasons that Silence is the appropriate complement of the Father, designating the former as feminine and the latter as masculine because of the grammatical gender of the Greek words.  He goes on to describe how Silence receives, as in a womb, the seed of the Ineffable Source; from this she brings forth all the emanations of divine being, ranged in harmonious pairs of masculine and feminine energies.

Followers of Valentinus prayed to her for protection as the Mother, and as “the mystical, eternal Silence.”  For example, Marcus the magician invokes her as Grace (in Greek, the feminine term charis):  “May She who is before all things, the incomprehensible and indescribable Grace, fill you within, and increase in you her own knowledge.”  In his secret celebration of the mass, Marcus teaches that the wine symbolizes her blood.  As the cup of wine is offered, he prays that “Grace may flow” into all who drink of it.  A prophet and visionary, Marcus calls himself the ‘womb and recipient of Silence” (as she is of the Father).  The visions he received of the divine being appeared, he reports, in female form.’


286. $17.01 @ 9:00 pm- 9 items


The Shadow Monster looms large over him.  It feasts of his heart.  He is full of grief and anguish.  Thunder and lightning.  Fire and brimstone.  He is full of despair and regret.  He is dying.

He wishes he had never met Annie.  The nightmares get worse.  He still hears her screaming in his ears.  He can’t repress the pain any longer.  It overtakes him.

He is filled with loathing and contempt.  He is filled with rage.

Eat my heart, you fucking monster!  Take it away!  It is too much for me.  I cannot bear it.

Joe: I didn’t mean offense.  I just meant sometimes I can feel you pull back from people, myself included.

Charlie: I hate people, myself included.  I’m so sick of this life.

Joe: No big deal on my end dude.  Its not like either one of us offended the other.  I respect all your views and opinions…just wanted some clarification is all.

Tue, Jan. 31 4:03P


This is the death of the dream of Hawke.  This is the end.

No more Mr. Nice Guy

You gotta get the fuck outa this place, Charlie.  You need to get away from all this shit.  Why the fuck are you so upset?  You didn’t even want her.  You didn’t even love Annie.  She never accepted you for who you are and you never accepted her for who she is.  And it’s been well over a year now, you goddam moron.  She’s probably taking antidepressants and drinking now.  fuck her.  She’s just part of your pattern of attracting emotionally crazy women.  Wake up already, will you for chrissakes?

But I did love her, liar.  I blew it.  She was my goddam twin soul and I pushed her away.  I never should have listened to you.  I blew it, you fucking idiot.  She was the one for me and I dumped her and now she is with someone else.

Shut the fuck up, you sniveling cry baby.  She wasn’t all that, you dumbass.  She was right when she said you can do way better than her.  You just haven’t tried.  You hide in fear.  While your real twin soul is out there waiting for you.  How much longer are you going to hide?

Fuck, I can’t take this anymore.  I want her out of my head.  I want to erase her from my memory for good, like in The Unbearable Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  I wish I never met her.  She ruined me.  I’m done.

Eat this heart, you motherfucking sonofabitch!


Joe: I just think you have a hard time trusting people.  Even I feel a lot of the time you’ve always got me at arm’s length.  I mean really, man, if u can’t trust me then who can u trust?  And I agree.  You’re not at all a bad guy.  You simply have a hard time accepting friendship I think.

Charlie: With all due respect I have to disagree.  I’ve confided a hell of a lot to you.  Too much I feel.  I feel humiliated by some of the things I told you.  The exact same feeling I get from memory of relationship with Annie and others in my past.  I must disentangle myself from the web of the past.  I am present and I am not static.  I am active and changing- evolving.  And so is everyone else.  To crystallize ourselves in a concrete ‘objective’ self based on memory is to deny who and what we really are- active energy in process.  If we don’t move we die.  From this perspective one doesn’t presume to really ‘know’ anyone or anything.  This is spiritual surrender and it brings liberation of consciousness from the prison of the mind.  I am serious about this and I hope you can respect our differences as I will do that myself.  I can be friends with people who see and live differently than I, as long as it does me no harm.


What a crock of shit!  You’re full of just as much shit as everyone else, you know that, Charlie?  Who the fuck do you think you are?  Almost all you have written and said is complete b.s.  You don’t need friends, you idiot.  You don’t need anything or anyone.  Listen to me: you fucking humans are selfish, manipulative morons.  You tell yourselves that you love, but what you believe to be love is  just grasping and clinging, it is needy and it is selfish and it is fear in disguise.  You’re blind as bats.  You’re amusing yourselves to death with instant sensory gratification through your electronic games and media while your world goes to shit all around you.

It’s all over, isn’t it?

The Sun is going to blast us to hell, isn’t it?


287. 9-16-10: $44.73 @ 4:37 pm


At least we got him to go and buy VALIS today.  VALIS was written by Philip K. Dick in 1981.


Charlie is on the Island.  He is Ben Linus, locked up by Locke, reading VALIS for the second time; maybe he’ll catch something he missed the first time around.

Charlie isn’t the hero he imagined himself to be.  He may not be the villain either.  Everything is inescapably blurry and shadowy now.  It has all gone grey.


Charlie: Joe- I am not fully integrated/individuated yet but I’m on the way there.  I know in my heart that my journey back to New Mexico this year leads me to the fulfillment of my destiny.  I don’t want to leave here on a bad note.  I am weary of what my life has become here.  It just feels utterly confining and frustrating.  It has nothing to do with you personally.  I am not an easy person with which to be a friend.  I am not a bad guy.  I am just in a heightened state of ambiguity due to the seismic effects of the transition to unlimited consciousness.  It is not easy at all to free your mind.  The shadow of the old reptillian-brainstem-consciousness looms large over the constellation of people and events of my life.  It is time for me to find the solar sword of truth and immortality and filet the shadow beast.  This can only be accomplished within me.  It is a solitary task.  Others’ opinions are an obstruction.  I accept and embrace who and what I am and who and what I am not.  I am not a bad guy.  I don’t want any trouble with people.  Trouble with people is the biggest obstruction to staying on one’s destined path- sucks one in to falsely defining and measuring oneself by others’ perceptions, falsely adhering to absolute faith in an illusory objective reality.  All of the programs in the Matrix who haven’t been awakened are your potential enemy, since they will fight to defend their belief in the absolute reality and authority of the dream world in which they live.  I haven’t heeded Morpheus’s words enough up til now.  I shall try harder from here on in.

He sent that text yesterday.  Today, a day free of work at the Unique American Grocery Store, he spent the whole day obsessing about cutting his dreadlocks off.  Around 4pm, while sitting in Barnes and Noble drinking coffee and reading VALIS, he was convinced he was going to remove the 18 dreads created by Annie.  So convinced that he went and bought the clippers and everything at Marshall’s.  It would be symbolic of liberating himself from his connection to Annie and the past.

Now he doesn’t want to do it.  We’ll see how he feels tomorrow.

We suppose this is Charlie’s real problem.  He tends to be obsessive and non-committal.  But he can’t keep up this pattern forever.  Within him is building a commitment to overcome his neurotic, alienated-egoic tendencies.

Let’s get the fucking show on the road already, Charlie!


He is capable of trust, he has just learned to be very cautious about where he places it.  Which is good and necessary from our standpoint.  We need Charlie to keep his bio-mechanical vessel alive and well, for we have big plans for it this year.  This year of transformation- this year of the Singularity.  Just wait and see.


288. 10-13-11: $19.24 @ 6:24 pm

289. 10-13-11: $76.22 @ 6:22 pm

290. 09-17-11: $8.33 @ 7:33 pm


Sometime in October 2011.  Charlie, after the midnight shift, parked alongside the beach on the Lynn/ Swampscott line, talking on his cellphone with a drunken Joe Smith.

Joe Smith: Dude, I think she likes you.  That should make you feel giddy.

Charlie: It does, man.  I’m giddy.

Joe Smith: If you really want her, you need to focus on that, not b.s. going on at work.

Charlie: Right.

Joe Smith: I gotta tell you, Charlie, since I came to Massachusetts, I’ve felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  And I gotta tell ya man, you’re my Scarecrow.


Charlie’s bad luck with girls started in fifth grade.  His family had bought a house at 56 Crescent St., right next door to the girl in his class he had the hots for, Christina Dogon.  Charlie thought she was the most adorable person in the world and he wanted to marry her.  He wanted to be her boyfriend, but he was 11 years old and had no idea how to go about asking a girl out.  He remembers John Locke telling him he thought Christina was into Charlie.  Charlie hesitated and the next day she wasn’t interested anymore.  The memory of this is very fuzzy in Charlie’s brain.  All that is clear is that was the time of the beginning of Charlie’s descent into distorted self-image, the beginning of a path that continued through his teens and into his early twenties.  His twenties saw the beginning of the end of the distortion, but it never really ended, Charlie sees now.  The distortion is the Black Iron Prison, it is the Monster on the Island and it lives in his heart.


Yesterday Charlie murdered the 18 anglo dreadlocks.  It is the dead of winter, freezing outside, and he now has a bald head.  How crazy is that?

Just now, before coming to Panera #666 with his yellow Dell laptop, he sent the 18 dreads out to sea along with various construction paper love letters and pictures from Kelly.  Charlie regrets that he had to sacrifice the pound of beautiful horse-like hair, but it had to be done.  He has to finally let go of Kelly and the past.  Charlie does not have an easy time moving on and letting go of the past.  Who does?  But some people have an easier time with it than others.

Charlie is a secret agent.  His cover is so deep that even he does not know he is an agent.  He is somehow strongly connected to Horselover Fat, Philip K. Dick and the business with the Pink Light and the communications between the three-eyed invaders and the Russian KGB.  We feel almost certain of this.  Charlie started to suspect as such in 1998, when he lived in San Diego.

As difficult as it may be for you to believe, there is a distinct possibility that Charlie’s body and mind have been chosen as a host for the One.


At the beginning of this writing, Charlie stated that he was not going mad, unlike Jim Carrey in The Number 23 and the character in Pi.  While this still may be the case, it also may not be the case.  It is possible that Charlie is going mad.  Or that he already went mad.  It is also possible, if not downright likely, that the whole world has gone mad.  Look around.


291. 2-2-12: @ 4:23 pm the customer pays for order of $19.57 with check #9557

1957 Chevy- Silver Certificate- Ford- Frank Sinatra Joey

292. 12-12-11: $5.30 @ 6:20 pm

293. 2-26-12: $12.05 @ 05:21 pm

294. 2-22-12: $53.34 @ 8:34 pm

295. 1-28-12: $14.70 @ 07:14 pm

296. 10-13-11: $34.30 @ 3:43 pm


Time is gold

Time after time


297. 02-02-12: @ 4:40 pm Customer’s total is $9.27 and Charlie spots 927 right in the center of the first one dollar bill the Customer hands him.

298. 3-17-11: $44.98 @ 8:49 pm


Time is money

Time is of the essence


299. 8-28-09: $39.14 @ 5:39 pm

300. 1-27-12: $5.48 @ 5:48 pm

301. 1-27-12: $46.56 @ 5:46 pm

302. 1-26-12: $12.10 @ 5:29 pm- Charlie was born via c-section @ 12:10 am on 5-29-76

303. 02-02-12: $4.28 @ 8:24 pm

304. 1-30-12: $4.28 @ 7:48 pm

305. 1-30-12: $10.68 @ 08:16 pm

306. 2-06-12: $113.11 @ 9:11 pm


money is the motive

money is everything

money is not everything

money is evil

money is energy

money is everything in life

money island

money is power

money is debt

time is money

time is running out

what time is it

time is on my side

time is not on my side

time is money


pg. 103 Valis by Philip K. Dick: ‘Fat reworked journal entry 29 and added it to his ON OUR NATURE entry:

29. We did not fall because of a moral error; we fell because of an intellectual error: that of taking the phenomenal world as real.  Therefore we are morally innocent.  It is the Empire in its various disguised polyforms which tells us we have sinned.  “The Empire never ended.”‘

The Empire never ended.

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