31. 12-21-12: You are God

242. 8-24-10: $54.47 @ 5:47 pm


PKD’s Exegesis (continued):

“51. Ikhanaton wrote:

‘ . . . When the fledgling in the egg chirps in the egg,

Thou givest him breath therin to preserve him alive.

When thou has brought him together

To the point of bursting the egg,

He cometh forth from the egg,

To chirp with all his might.

He goeth about upon his two feet

When he hath come from therefrom.

How manifold are thy works!

They are hidden from before us,

O sole god, whose powers no other possesseth.

Thou didst create the earth according to thy heart

While thou wast alone:

Men, all cattle large and small,

All that go about upon their feet;

All that are on high,

That fly with their wings.

Thou art in my heart,

There is no other that knoweth thee

Save thy son Ikhnaton.

Thou hast made him wise

In thy designs and in thy might.

The world is in thy hand . . .'”


Charlie is on the Island with Joe.  Charlie is rehearsing his address to the 7 billion of Earth, which will be broadcast on December 21, 2012.

‘To all my brothers and sisters of Earth:  Your priests, ministers and rabbis have no more claim to God, the Transcendental Mystery of Mysteries,  than you do.  They are no closer to God than you are.  There is no hierarchy in God, for God is One.  God is All.  God is here and now, face to face.  God is the light shining from within, the one beheld inside you and the core of your life.  There are no experts in God.  There are no experts in you.  There are only those who pretend to be experts in God and you.  To fight and argue over God and you is missing the mark; it is sin.  It is time to stop fighting.  It is time to unify.  It is time to see that a small cabal of self-appointed ‘elites’ carrying a disease called ego-alienation have been manipulating you, infecting you with a psycho-spiritual malady, all throughout history.  They have divided and conquered you from the inside out.  This is how they rule the world.  It is time to awaken to this.  It is time to go within and find our power, to find God within ourselves, to stand up to both the inner and outer tyrants and say that we are not going to take it anymore.  We are no longer going to be your victim.

Are we going to do this, or are we going to continue to shirk responsibility, to continue to come from a place of rigid dualism saying, ‘Oh well it’s in God’s hands, there’s nothing little ol’ me can do about it’?  Are we going to remain good, productive sheep of the corporate-consumer machine, are we going to remain as sleeping consumers, are we going to continue to pretend that it’s not our problem?  Or are we going to wake up?  The choice is ours.

To the Scientist: What is your science?  It is a method to discover truth and acquire knowledge via experiment and proof devised by the intellect of humanity, the left hemisphere of the brain.  You start off with a hypothesis and set out to prove or disprove its truth via ‘hard’ data and analysis.  When new data disproves what was previously held to be true, when new discoveries expand the scope of the known, the scientific view is updated.  There can be no ‘fixed’ or ‘established’ science, for science by definition is in continual revision and flux.  When Science, as an establishment and institution, seeks to suppress specific data and hypotheses because they contradict what is presently known, can you still rightly call it science?  Certainly not.  Most of what you call ‘science’ today is really not science at all, in the same way that most of what you call religion today is not really religion at all.  Just like powerful religious establishments and institutions, Science serves the interests of wealth and power, the ‘elite’ few; it serves the devious purposes of the alienated ego virus, which seeks to perpetuate rigid dualism, which is war as a way of life.  It is the Anti-Christ.

There is a limit to what the human intellect can ‘know.’  The intellect is only a part of the picture of the full human being.  When the intellect sets out to put itself above the other parts of the human, claiming that it is the most important part, life loses its zest and sense of wonder.  Life becomes dull, and the disease of ego-alienation, ,with all of the horrors it creates, is born.  The individual and the collective become unhappy.  The intellect, the left hemisphere of the brain, is only valuable when it is linked to intuition and feeling, which is the right hemisphere of the brain.

The right side of the brain gives you faith, emotion/intuition and spirituality.  The left side of the brain gives you knowledge, reason/intellect and science.  They are the two in one.  Even as they are not.  It is time to balance and unify the two sides and become whole again.  You must do this within yourself.  It only works from the inside out.

This wholeness reawakens your sense of completeness and fulfillment and leads you to a life infused with wonder and joy.  You are a magical participant in a magical universe.  You no longer seek to complete yourself with external possessions, you no longer look to so-called experts to tell you what to do and think, for you are no longer fragmentary.  You think for yourself.  You question authority.  You are whole.  You are God.  You were blind, but now you see.

You need not look any further than your own brain and its two hemispheres in one to find all you seek, which is wholeness.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, brothers and sisters.  Let us all unify, celebrate and honor each other as interconnected parts of the divine whole.  We are all fabrics woven together in the Magic Carpet.  We are One.  We are God.

It is through your awakened individuality that you reach the awakened collective.  Whole-brained individuals are the antibody to the psycho-spiritual disease of ego-alienation.

Let the healing and awakening begin.’

‘Sounds good,’ says Joe.  ‘I don’t know if it’ll work or not, but it’s worth a try.  We’ve still got a while before you deliver the address.  There’s a couple things I think should maybe be reworked a little, to make it flow better, but we can talk about that later.  Now we’ve got a disc-golf game to play, dude.  You and me against Hurley and Charlie Pace!’


243. $26.15 @ 6:15 pm


I sing the song of the Holy Brain:::

The brain is a muscle & it is an organ & it is also a terrible thing to waste

The brain is a computer & it is alive & it is also about to explode

The brain is a creative computer The brain is a rainforest

The brain is fried The brain is hanging upside down The brain is wider than the sky

The brain is powerful The brain is pulsing The brain is plastic

The brain is the boss & it is full

Each brain is unique

& each brain is a teaser

Brain bashers brain bleed brain balance

brain-based learning brain boosters blood brain barrier


244. 12-31-11: $35.53 @ 3:05 pm- Customer is 35 years old and so am I.


Even as I am not.

Being born, I am not born.

And dying, I do not die.


Charlie feels the rush of relief, a weight lifted.  Something big sunk in today.  Synchronicity number 245:


245. 1-15-12: $45.52 @ 4:25 pm


The third eye opens on the whole thing.

You can include cash register synchronicity number 244 also as one that triggered Charlie’s third eye to open on the whole thing.

We’re not going to be employing the word God from now on (& we are tempted to go and edit out all of the God talk that goes on before now, but we will resist that temptation and just leave it how it is.)

Charlie’s will is now completely centered in unity consciousness, creating unity, harmony, peace & balance within himself, merging the two hemispheres of his own brain, and openly & directly perceiving and highlighting the web of interrelationship and interdependence in every second of the unreeling film of his lifetime.  All is interconnected.

A look at what the encyclopedia has to say about God gives one the impression that the word God divides humanity and highlights its differences- of interpretation, belief and worldview- more than it unifies.

In addition to no longer employing the word God, we will no longer be preparing for an address to all 7,000,000,000 members of the human species.  It’s the one on one, face to face encounters in the here and now which matter most to Charlie now.


The Emergence by Kyle Charles Grant

The film opens in the sky.  Nine giant hawks soar into view.  The camera follows the hawks as they fly forward through the clouds.  Then, the hawks suddenly dart downward.  Cut to a close-up of a man’s closed left eye.  The camera pans out slowly to reveal the face of a man asleep, his head sideways on his pillow.  The camera pans out further to reveal that the sleeping man is caucasian, medium build, has brown dreadlocks and a reddish beard and wears blue pajamas.  His sleeping face is what most call a ‘nice face,’ a likeable face.  This sleeping white dude looks like he could be 25 and he sleeps on a black futon mat.  The camera pans further out to reveal that this sleeping man on his black futon mat is situated in a very strange place indeed, a modern-day parking lot.  He is on the edge of the parking lot, just where it meets the sidewalk.  Pedestrians walk by and seem not to notice the sleeping man; cars dart at 35-40 mph down the busy street.  A car turns into the parking lot and parks right next to the sleeping dude.  The driver gets out and he also seems not to notice the man sleeping on a black futon mat in the parking space next to his car.  The camera now zooms in on the driver, a slightly overweight caucasian man in his forties who sports a big brown mustache.  The camera follows the man through the parking lot and toward the entrance to CVS, the sign to which you can see in the shot.  As the slightly overweight man is about to enter the automatic doors, the camera pans up to the number on the building’s brick facade: 509.  With the aid of CG, the number 9 turns upside down and forms a 6, so that the number is no longer 509, but 506.  Slowly the numbers and their brick wall background dissolve and the screen is white.  Sound of cash register/POS laser scanner beeping and the sounds of cashiers and customers interacting in a grocery store.  Fade in to the interior front end/checkout area of a grocery store.  The sleeping dude is here.  He is awake and he is a cashier, a very efficient one at that.  Look at how fast he scans the groceries. 

Narrator (a soft sounding female voice): He is awake and he is a cashier, a very efficient one at thatSimultaneously, he is asleep and he is not a cashier. 

Quick-cut to Charlie asleep in the parking lot, then rapidly back to the scene at the grocery store. 

Narrator: Once upon a time there lived a man named Charlie Fitzgerald Grant. –

The camera zooms in on the meeting of the laser scanner and the barcode on a frozen pizza box as Charlie passes it from the grocery cart to the bagging area, then pans up to Charlie’s shirt which has a picture of two boat paddles and reads Unique American Grocery Crew.  ‘King of Pain’ by Police plays on the store’s stereo sound system.  The camera then zooms in on the red name tag pinned to the cashier dude’s shirt, which reads Charlie, Unique American Crewmember.-

Narrator: Welcome to Unique American Grocery Store #506, the workplace of our hero, this Charlie.  It was the year 2012 and Charlie was a lucky man.  For, you see, Charlie had a dream.  And that dream of his was about to do what dreams are sometimes wont to do.  Charlie’s dream was about to become reality. 

Charlie: (Presses the Total button on the monitor’s keypad.  The camera zooms in on his finger as he does this and then pulls back to show the matching time and total on the monitor: Time: 4:25 pm Total: $45.52. ) Hey, check it out, we have another synchronicity.  Your total is $45.52 and the time is 4:25 pm.

Charlie turns his cash register’s monitor to show the Customer.

Customer: Is that a good sign? 

Charlie (smiling) : Well, perhaps it’s a good sign that I noticed the connection.

Customer (looking at the monitor): Look at that.  That’s amazing!

Charlie feeds a piece of blank 3 inch by 3 inch white paper from the POS System’s printer, takes the register’s pencil and writes down in 3 rows: 1-15 12- 4:25 pm- $45.52.

Charlie: I’m trying to write a book about it.  I’ve been collecting these synchronicities at the register since 2005.  I have over 300 of them stored in Emergen-C boxes.

Customer: Oh, you’re writing a book?  I could give you another number story for your book. 

Charlie: Ok, that would be cool.

Customer: Last year I turned 67 years of age and my son to whom I gave birth in ’67 was killed in an accident while riding his Harley.

(To Be Continued)

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