30. 1-08-2012

1-08-12: Don’t just think, act!  The fortune cookie speaketh.


227. 10-08-10: $12.22 @ 6:22


Unity is the key.

We’d better unite before the ‘elite’ does.  It’s a race to the finish.  What’s called the 1%, the fifteen or so families which run the global economic system for their own benefit, are still divided.  It is not too late.


Once upon a time Charlie F. Grant was summoned to the Island.  He was summoned by Hurley, the Island’s protector, to entertain the new candidates on the Island with his Bananaman character.

But Charlie’s Dharma went way beyond mere entertainment, as we soon shall see.


228. 12-12-11: $57.58 @ 7:59


Your Planet Earth, Lady Gaia, is what you call a Divine Being.  She is your Mother, and all who dwell upon, within and around Her are your brothers and sisters.

The Earth is Her holy body.  All bodies upon Her- cellular, elemental, mineral, vegetable and animal- are interrelated parts of Her holy body and, like Her, are Sacred Organs in the Living Universal Body.  She is Sacred.  She is the One and the Many.

Biological Life is one of many forms of Life in the Universe.  Life is the Universe.  The Universe is not only teeming with Life, it is Life.  It is thoroughly and unquestionably alive.  And it is magical.  It is mysterious.  And it is a tour de force.  Even as it is not.

Your alienated and unbalanced ego selves running amok are like a cancer virus on the Earth.  She is sick.  And so are you.  You are the cause and the symptom.

And you are also the cure.

The alienated ego is an infected wound.  Only you, the Collective Human, all 7,000,000,000 of you put together, consciously unified, can cure this infection.

Here’s your chance to awaken and see that your Mother is dying, the biosphere is beginning to shut down.  You, the cancer virus, are winning the war.  It is unholy matricide your species is committing.  But it is not unprecedented.  In fact, it has happened before on countless Planetary Bodies throughout the Multiverse.  Even as it hasn’t.

Here’s your chance to awaken in love and peace and see that all of your fellow humans (and all the cells, elements, minerals, species, plants and animals) are your brothers and sisters.  The whole Earth is your family.  All that comes to you through your five-sensory 3D experience is interconnected with you, even your enemies.  Your enemies are your brothers and sisters in Gaia, too.

You must heal the wound, or else.  It’s now or never.


229. 1-07-12: $23.22 @ 4:23 pm


2003, during the buildup and commencement of the US Invasion of Iraq: Charlie Fitzgerald Grant 234 Irvine St. Santa Fe, NM


All bodies on Earth are interrelated and interconnected.  It is unquestionably a web of life.  The Earth is a Great Cosmic Sphere, a Living Celestial Body, a Cosmic Organism, if you will, which is interrelated and interconnected with All.  All is One.  The Many are One and the One are Many, even as they are not.

The Universe is a Great Body, which is interrelated and interconnected with All Great Bodies.  It keeps going, Universes connected to Universes, on to Infinity.  There is no beginning or end.  Of this there is no question.  The alienated ego, the cancer virus, the infected wound, insists on clearly defined beginnings and endings, it insists on a straight line, when there are only curved lines, only spheres within spheres, on to Infinity.

In order for the Planetary Body of Gaia to heal, it is imperative that the humanity awaken (bring forth Anthropos) and cure the disease of ego alienation, which is a lethal planetary auto-immune disease.  The awakening of humanity is the only cure.  Like when any body is infected by a lethal disease, if it is not cured of the disease it will perish.  You don’t have to look far within your planetary neighborhood, your local Solar System, to find an example of a planetary body which became uninhabitable due to human ego virus infection.  That example is what you call the planet Mars.  This soon will not be questionable to you.

The human species exists all throughout the Universes on countless Planetary Bodies, for the human species is the immune system of the Universal Cosmic Body.  You are One Family.

But just as the immune system of your individual body can go haywire, forget that it is the body’s defense system and attack the body with genetic and cellular disorders and diseases, so the immune systems- humans- of biologically inhabited planetary bodies can forget and go haywire.

Your civilization’s history is the history of an immune system gone haywire.

As above, so below.  The Holographic Universe.  As within, so without.  The more individual humans who being to heal and awaken from within, the more the chance of planetary healing.  Heal yourselves and unite.  You arranged for us to be here at this time to deliver this message.  You are spirits in the material world.  You are our brothers and sisters.  You are infinite consciousness, just as we are.  You are Eternal Light, just as we are.  You are not the alienated ego.  The alienated ego is an illusory veil of separation.  This will soon be unquestionable to you.  Your creative powers are limitless like ours.  We are One.  Choose to heal.  Choose to awaken.  That is, if you wish to resume your proper role as defense system of your Mother Earth’s Body.

The Human is designed specifically to defend planetary Bodies, a Cosmic Immune System charged with the maintenance of Biospheres in Balance and Harmony.  The Human is designed to be a Sacred Steward, a Holy Caretaker.


230. 12-04-10: $12.54 @ 5:54 pm

231. 12-11-10: $15.05 @ 5:50 pm


I am Charlie Fitzgerald Grant.  I am a spiritual being having a human experience.  The personality is a mask of eternity.  The personality mask is like all masks, like all costume; it is a theatrical device, it playfully conceals, it allows you to play the part of someone else temporarily.  Eternity is in love with Time.  The mask allows the eternal, the spiritual being, to penetrate Time, to play with Time, to explore potentiality and probability by playing the dramatic and comical lead role of one who is born and dies.

The problem arises- the beginning of the egoic virus- when the eternal/immortal/spiritual being forgets that it is wearing a mask.  Often other spiritual beings will trick the ones wearing masks into forgetting that they are wearing masks; this is done for the purpose of gaining material wealth and power.  You forget that you are an eternal being, eternal consciousness with infinite creative powers, and you identify with the temporal mask- the biological hardware and its persona- which means that you identify with your local culture group and your role within it, rather than identify with the infinite and eternal light of consciousness which you really are.


‘Cheyenne to your register.’

‘How do I get to Charlie Grant’s house?  Is it cold in Santa Fe….?’


See the Customer with the alienated ego just standing there talking on his cellphone while the groceries passing through the laser scanner continue to pile up on the tiny wooden counter.  See the Customer walking around with an illusory bubble of egoic separation.  This Customer is you and it is also me, even as it is not.


Charlie’s pulse quickens as he enters the Portal.  He receives his instruction from the ancient lineage of enlightened spirits of Earth.  Within the Caves.  See the ancient paintings of animals on the walls.  He is deprogramming his mind.  He is breaking through his indoctrination into Post Industrial Corporate Consumer Capitalism in preparation for his rebirth and his deliverance.  He is learning to cut through the illusion.  He is becoming translucent.  He is becoming a beacon.  See Charlie take off his mask and reveal the Body of Eternal Light underneath.  It is of a brightness beyond brightness.  And it also is not.


This week it is Charlie’s turn to be the reader.  He reads from ‘The Gnostic Gospels’ by Elaine Pagels pg. 48 Chapter 3: God The Father/God the Mother- ‘Unlike Many of his contemporaries among the deities of the ancient Near East, the God of Israel shared his power with no female divinity, nor was he the divine Husband or Lover of any.  He can scarcely be characterized in any but masculine epithets: king, lord, master, judge, and father.  Indeed, the absence of feminine symbolism for God marks Judaism, Christianity and Islam in striking contrast to the world’s other religious traditions, whether in Egypt, Babylonia, Greece, and Rome, or in Africa, India, and North America, which abound in feminine symbolism.  Jewish, Christian, and Islamic theologians today are quick to point out that God is not to be considered in sexual terms at all.  Yet the actual language they use daily in worship and prayer conveys a different message: who, growing up with Jewish or Christian tradition, has escaped the distinct impression that God is masculine?  And while Catholics revere Mary as the mother of Jesus, they never identify her as divine, they never identify her as divine in her own right: if she is “mother of God,” she is not “God the Mother” on an equal footing with God the Father!’


232. 12-12-11: $88.41 @ 6:41 pm & 41 items in Customer’s purchase


John says, ‘So, it seems the the God of the Big 3 religions is the God of the separative, alienated ego.  Right?’

‘Yes,’ says Charlie.  ‘This is what I have learned.  The Big 3 have given religion and God a bad name, just as the alienated ego has given the ego a bad name.’

Joe Smith sits enraptured.  He can’t believe that he is actually on the Island with Charlie, John and many other Lost notables.  He doesn’t even care that one of his least favorite subjects, God, is being discussed.  ‘This is just too fucking incredible,’ he thinks.


Joe Smith 11 Saltonstall St. Salem, MA

Once upon a time Joe was trying to kill a squirrel under his sink when he discovered a Portal to the Island.  This actually happened, even as it did not actually happen.  One minute he was bending low under his sink with a broom and the next he was sitting in a circle in the Caves listening to Charlie.


‘The odds are certainly against the 7 billion cutting through the illusion of separation and awakening in conscious unity.  But the odds are defied all the time, are they not?’  Charlie is addressing the gathering on the Island.  ‘All we can do is our best, do our parts to bring back the Divine Feminine in humanity’s consciousness, gently encourage people to seek the truth within themselves, gently encourage them to stop playing the victim and stand within their power.  And, of course, we must continue to stand within our own truth and power as consciously creative individuals, as spirits in matter.  Miracles happen.  We just have to believe, for as we all know, consciously or not, what we believe is what we experience.’

He continues reading from the Gnostic Gospels.


233. 11-14-11: $25.11 @ 5:21 pm


‘Life is a combination of magic and pasta.’ ~Federico Fellini


234. 2-10-10: $6.28 @ 6:48 pm


‘Says here shopping at Unique American Grocery Stores can increase your IQ by as much as 2 points.’

‘Oh yeah? Well, consider the source.’


235. 4-08-10: $72.50 @ 7:52 pm


‘This is the back of your Unique American Grocery Stores cash register receipt.’  A picture of four donkeys in suits confusedly huddled around a piece of paper.


Compassion Over Killing


236. 3-15-10: $11.15 @ 5:11 pm

237. 5-06-10: $149.50 @ 5:49 pm


‘This wine reminds me of myself: classic, medium-bodied and full of chocolate.’ ~Unique American Ticket to the Great Outdoors


‘Why is it when we talk to God we are said to be praying and when God talks to us we’re said to be schizophrenic?’ ~Lily Tomlin


Don’t worry, Charlie.  You’re not schizophrenic.  It is perfectly natural for God to talk to you, since God is you and you are God.  God is the Sacred and Profane, the Spiritual and Material, Male and Female, the Part and the Whole.  The God of Israel is no God at all; he is a distortion, a cultural and symbolic projection of the alienated ego.

God talks to me through the five senses, as well as through the extrasensory.  God is both immanent and transcendent.  And the One who is beyond these terms.  God is pleasure and pain, and the One who is beyond these terms.  In short, God is incomprehensible to the intellect.  In order to experience God, one must transcend the control and limitations of the intellect, which is simply a choice, the choice to surrender.  God, who is the depth beyond all depth and the height beyond all height, the Source, can be known directly in the body, in the heart, in intuition and instinct.  In your life.  Right here and right now.

The Mystery is beheld, not solved.


The goal is the awakening of all 7 billion.  Most likely we will fall quite short of this, and this will be okay.  All that matters is that enough wake up to tip the balance in our favor.  We may be very close to reaching the Hundredth Monkey at this point.  If we do reach the Hundredth Monkey, we will have successfully averted the disaster of Global Totalitarian Dictatorship, the nightmare scenario we all dread.

Only you can wake yourself up.  Only you can heal the ego disease.


The ways and means of achieving the Global Totalitarian Fascist Nightmare are laid out clearly in ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley and ‘1984’ by George Orwell.  These authors knew the plan through their connections in the ‘elite’, especially what is called the Fabian Society.

The self-appointed ‘elite’, the ruling class of your civilization- your global empire- the dark side- have always sought to suppress and control you.  It was the Roman Empire, then the Roman Catholic Church, followed by countless other religious institutions and ‘authorities.’  The buildings of the ‘elite’ institutions are always huge, designed to dwarf you, make you feel small, weak and powerless.  The financial and scientific institutions today have surpassed the religious institutions in their ability to effectively control the population.  To the ‘elite’, you are farm animals, cattle and sheep to be herded and exploited.  That is how they see you.  You are put to sleep from day one.  You are fed the lie that you are your persona/mask, and that is all you are.  You are systematically and forcefully stripped of your truth and power, your true identity as infinite consciousness, from day one.  But the Great Awakening is upon us and there is no way of stopping it and no way of telling where it will lead.

The Pulse quickens.  The Emergence is upon us.  Now is the appointed time.


238. 1-08-12: $44.21 @ 6:44 pm


‘Does 44 mean anything to you?’ Charlie asks the Tall Customer, thinking perhaps the gentleman is 44 years of age.

‘No,’ he replies.  ‘What’s that called when two or more…um synchronicity?’

‘Yes, that’s awesome, the Customer usually doesn’t know the word when they have one here at the register.  I’ll definitely have to write this one down now,’ says Charlie as he begins to feed a little piece of receipt paper from the printer.  ‘How do you know about synchronicity?’ Charlie asks the Tall Customer.

‘From the Police album.’

‘With one breath, with one flow, you will know…

A sleep trance, a dream dance, a shared romance…’


239. 1-02-12: $14.25 @ 2:25 pm


‘Your total is $14.25, please,’ says Charlie to the Customer at the End of Time.  She, the Customer, takes out her wallet.  She is with a young man wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball cap.  Charlie then notices that the time is aligned with the total, not a perfect match, but he feels that it is still interesting and worth noting.  ‘So your total is $14.25 and the time is 2:25, two twenty-fives, that’s interesting,’ says Charlie.

The dude in the Pirates cap takes out his phone, punches something in and shows his girlfriend, who is beginning to hand Charlie the $14.25.  ‘Check it out,’ he says.  ’14:25 is 2:25 pm in military time.  That’s really cool.’  Indeed it is.  So what appeared not to be a perfect match of time and total actually is a perfect match of time and total.  Charlie wonders how many of the cash register synchronicities that aren’t perfect matches actually are if you use the military-time translation.


‘Act, and God will act.’ -Joan of Arc


I am the actor who wears the mask.

Wikipedia says: ‘A persona, in the word’s everyday usage, is a social role or a character played by an actor.  The word is derived from Latin, where it originally referred to a theatrical mask.  The Latin word probably derived from the Etruscan word ‘phersu’, with the same meaning, and that from the Greek prosopon.  Its meaning in the latter Roman period changed to indicate a ‘character’ of a theatrical performance…In Psychology, the persona is also the mask or appearance one presents to the world.  It may appear in dreams under various guises.  (See Jung and his psychology, and Persona (psychology))’

I wear a lion’s mask and I roar as loudly as I can.  I roar for the suppressed and repressed individual who has never been allowed to be his or herself.  I roar for the masses who live their lives treading hopelessly upon the Earth, going round and round endlessly like a rat on a wheel, imprisoned in their unconsciousness- the masses who have never awoken to the fact that they are wearing cultural masks, who have forgotten that they are not the mask, but the actor who wears the mask.

My mask is beautiful.  It is my own design.


Once again, the Voice of the fortune cookie resounds: ‘Nothing in the world is accomplished without passion.’


This is the Beginning of the End, when the hawks descend and transform into people.  When you who are Charlie F. Grant follow the Warrior Princess clad in golden armor.  A voice whispers: ‘John, Chapter 9, Verse 25:  He answered, ‘I do not know whether he is a sinner.  One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.’

This is the Great Awakening.  You followed your own treacherous and narrow path to arrive here.  Although now you see- the third eye has opened and your blindness is like a fading dream- the journey does not end here.  Enlightenment, the turning-on of the inner light of infinity and immortality, is not the end.  It is the beginning.  This is where the real work begins.  This is where the Path of the Bodhisattva commences, this is the Path of the Jedi.


240. 1-2-12: $16.64 @ 12:16 pm

241. 1-2-12: $15.15 @ 2:15 pm


2:15 pm is my favorite part of the day.  It is when the bell rings and I get to leave this wretched, confining old brick building on Burpee Rd.  On my walks home up Burpee Rd. to 59 Jesse St. and 56 Crescent St. I look at the world in 3D through the View Master in my brain.  I see the world as an amazingly realistic picture.  When I get out of school, I can roam free in the wilds of my imagination.  I can be whoever I want in my mind, for I am the View Master.

When I was 9 years old I was drafted to the major Red Sox in Swampscott Little League.  It is highly unusual for a 9 year old to be drafted to a major team; usually the 9 year olds go right to the minors.  When I am 13, I will be drafted by the Reds in Senior Little League.  Why is it that both baseball teams I was drafted for in our town were Red?  There is a symbolic significance here, as there is in all of the happenings of our lives.  Some people are wired to see it, some aren’t apparently.


Charlie’s teacher is dead even as he is alive and alive even as he is dead.  He is on the screen reading Chief Seattle’s letter.


The Pulse stops.  Fear.

Then, as suddenly as it stopped, it starts again, beating at regular intervals once again.  It is a drum, the drum of a so-called American Indian.  You can begin to hear flute accompaniment.  Flickering light.  Kokopelli appears as a shadow on the Cave’s wall.

You are nowhere and now here, which is everywhere, even as it is not.

You are at the Center, even as you are not.

You are transparent to the transcendent, even as you are not.


509 Eastern Ave. Lynn, Massachusetts.  Time Unknown.  The sky is bluer than blue.  Charlie Fitzgerald Grant sleeps on his black futon mat in the CVS parking lot.  The noise of traffic traversing Eastern Ave. wakes him up.  He tries to go back to sleep, back blissful relaxation, to no avail.

A voice like a whisper: ‘Wake up, Charlie.  It is time.  You know, even as you don’t.  You were not born to live an ordinary life this time around.’


The recording stops at 5:29, 5 minutes and 29 seconds.  The Pow-Wow continues.

Taos Pueblo 5-29-2006.

Remember, Charlie?


Charlie opens his sleep-swollen eyes.  What the heck is going on here?  Where am I?  I must be dreaming still, the proverbial dream within a dream scenario.  Charlie sits up in bed and looks around.  He is not in his bedroom, where his bed was when he went to sleep; he is in the CVS parking lot.  Several people are walking to and from the entrance to the CVS, but they seem not to notice Charlie and his futon mat laid out on the pavement.

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