29. Chapter 29

Once upon a time you opened your eyes and saw the world as it really is for the first time, your doors of perception wiped clean of corrosive delusion and distortion.  This occurred within the Hatch, within the Earth, where all transformation and rebirth occurs.


214. 11-30-10: $35.55 @ 11:55 am

215. 1-13-11: $46.50 @ 4:56 pm

216. 1-08-11: $149.55 @ 5:49 pm

217. 1-23-11: $4.24 @ 2:44 pm

218. 1-09-11 (12:43 pm): back to back totals- $22.26 followed by $22.62

219. 1-23-11: $10.46 @ 10:23 am- Customer’s change was $9.54 and 954 is right in the middle of the number sequence on one of the $1 bills


Life is a miracle.  To understand how we lost contact with this truth of truths, we must go back to the doctrine of the fall of man; all of our problems are rooted in misunderstanding and misinterpretation.


The Pulse skips a beat.  The eggshell cracks a bit.


You are with Charlie standing on his black futon mat in the CVS parking lot, 509 Eastern Ave. Lynn Lynn The City of Sin You neva get out the way you came in.  You look up into the clear blue sky and watch as 9 gigantic hawks descend.  As they descend you are amazed and terrified.  Are they going to swoop down and start picking people off?  Why does no one else see them?  As they fall to Earth, you see before your bewildered eyes that they transform from giant hawks into giant people.  One of them, a giant beautiful female warrior princess clad in golden armor, lands ten feet beyond you.  Still it seems you are the only one to see this.  You look down at the black futon on the pavement to get your bearings.  You look back toward the warrior princess/hawk woman and see that she has started walking away.  You start to follow her.  This is the lucid dream which leads you to the Hatch, where you transform and experience rebirth.


You are with Charlie Fitzgerald Grant in the Dream Within The Dream, even as you are not.

See Charlie playing ‘A Dream Like Mine’ by Bruce Cockburn along with Michael Polaris, the Big Free Wolf, in Telluride, Colorado.  You walk with the power of a thousand generations now.

The Pulse quickens audibly.


220. 1-23-11: $70.47 @ 11:47 am

221. 1-14-11: $73.13 @ 7:31 pm- the following Customer’s total was $19.69; she told me she was born in the year 1969.

222. 1-23-11: $55.26 @ 10:26 am

223. 1-02-11: $10.37 @ 10:37 am

224. 12-06-10: $45.41 @ 4:45 pm

225. 2-13-11: $12.07 @ 2:07 pm

226. 12-17-10: $24.54 @ 5:54 pm


PKD’s Exegesis (cont.) pg. 270 VALIS ‘Appendix’:

“50. The primordial source of all our religions lies with the ancestors of the Dogon tribe, who got their cosmogony and cosmology directly from the three-eyed invaders who visited long ago.  The three-eyed invaders were mute and deaf and telepathic, could not breathe our atmosphere, had the elongated misshapen skull of Ikhnaton, and emanated from a planet in the star-system Sirius.  Although they had no hands, but had, instead, pincer claws such as a crab has, they were great builders.  They covertly influence our history toward a fruitful end.”


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