28. The Hatch

192. 12-22-11: $25.92 @ 5:29 pm


‘Hi.  We thought maybe you left,’ says the Customer at Checkstand 4, the Portal to the Hatch.  ‘My daughter has been asking about you when we come in here.’

‘No, I haven’t left yet,’ says Charlie.  ‘Please say hello to your daughter for me.’

‘Your total is $25.92, please.’  At 5:29.  5-29 is my birthday and cashier number.  Today, 12-29-11, the Customer’s total was $29.50 at 12:50 pm.


193. 12-29-11: $29.50 @ 12:50 pm


Charlie Grant is bathed in sunlight.  He is standing on his black futon mat in the CVS parking lot on Eastern Ave. in Lynn, the City of Sin.  The Nine descend to Earth from Heaven.  He watches in awe.  He has awoken within his dream.  He is lucid dreaming.


The egg hatches in 2012.  The moth emerges from the cocoon.


Charlie Grant is on the verge of a monumental adventure.  It is time to transform.  When it’s time to change, it’s time to rearrange.


Charlie Grant glides over a green field, about 300 ft. up in the air.  Silver Starr and someone else watch from below.  ‘I am flying,’ thinks Charlie.  ‘I am really flying!’


‘Nature is all about transformation, evolution, growth,’ says Charlie to the Customer at the Eschaton.  Your civilization is about to end.  It ends to make way for a new era, one marked by peace on Earth.  The wedding bells are sounding.  The marriage of Heaven and Earth is about to commence.  It is time to rejoice.  ‘When peace shall over all the Earth its ancient splendors fling, And the world give back the song which now the Angels sing.’

See Charlie with the Shaman on His Shoulder.  You are within the projection, within Ken Cinema, within the Hatch.  Numbers float, dance and sing all about the room.  4-8-15-16-23-42.  ‘Culture is your operating system.’  The voice of Terence Mckenna echoes inside the Hatch.  ‘Make your own kind of music.  Sing your own special song.  Make your own kind of music.  Even if nobody else sings along.’

‘See you in another life, yeah?’


Charlie sits on the grass on a warm sunny day in Balboa Park.  It is May 29, 1999, his 23rd birthday.  He is no longer in the United States at the end of the twentieth century.  He is in Alternate Spain in No Time.  He sits and reads his new book, which he purchased for himself as a birthday gift: ‘Archaic Revival’ by Terence Mckenna.  Charlie sits at 33.5 degrees North Latitude and experiences illumination.  The revelations which started after he met Penny Moon have come full circle this day.  The moon is full.


‘Are you the one who told me about the Mushroom Man?’ asks the Customer at the End of Time.


194. 12-7-11: $13.55 @ 8:55 pm

195. 8-26-09: $11.45 @ 5:41 pm

196. 11-20-11: $154.41 @ 5:44 pm

197. 9-21-06: $30.13 @ 10:33 am

198. 9-21-06: $27.00 @ 1:27 pm

199. 9-21-06: Customer’s change is $3.21 @ 1:32 pm

200. 3-31-10: $18.11 @ 7:11 pm


I choose to see life as an adventure.  I choose to download the shamanic software.  I choose to be a master of both worlds.  I choose to live fully.  I choose to be resurrected.


201. 12-02-11: $12.52 @ 5:12 pm

202. 12-02-11: $44.43 @ 7:43 pm


‘We call it the Land of Entrapment,’ says the Customer from New Mexico who just so happens to go through Charlie’s Checkstand at the End of History in Saugus, Massachusetts.  It is the day after Charlie has decided he is going back to New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, in 2012.  He will be there for New Mexico’s 100th anniversary as a State in the Union.


203. 11-27-11: $5.28 @ 5:27 pm

204. 12-05-11: $3.99 @ 3:09 pm

205. 3-31-10: $60.29 @ 3:29 pm

206. 11-04-11: $26.22 @ 12:22 pm

207. 12-02-11: $27.09 @ 7:29 pm (Customer’s grandson was born at 8:24 on 8-24, she told Charlie.)


‘If you’re reading this, you must have shopped for groceries recently…We don’t do coupons, club cards or secret handshakes.  Just honest values, every day.’


208. 4-30-10: $25.05 @ 5:52 pm

209. 12-11-11: $54.71 @ 4:54 pm

210. 12-04-11: $36.58 @ 3:58 pm


At 5:43 pm on a day in December, 2011,  Charlie Grant is at his Eschatological Checkstand.  He thinks of a line from an R.E.M. song: ‘None of this is going my way.’  Right after he thinks this the R.E.M. song ‘Orange Crush’ begins playing on the Unique Grocery Store stereo system.


211. 12-16-11: $55.02 @ 5:50 pm

212. 12-29-11: $5.48 @ 5:58 pm

213. 12-11-11: $2.34 @ 5:34 pm

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