25. The Spirit of ’76

175. 3-20-10: $5.30 @ 5:30 pm

176. 11-28-09: $19.22 @ 6:22 pm


The hawks are enormous, bigger than people.  Charlie watches in awe as they slowly descend to the CVS parking lot.  Standing on his black futon mat, he seems to be the only one who sees them.


‘All we see or seem is but a dream within a dream,’ reads the Poe quote on a poster for a movie in the Ken Cinema.  Which movie was that?  It is 1998 in San Diego, 33.5 degrees N. Latitude.  That was over ten years ago, yet it is also Now.  While it is neither ten years ago nor Now as well.  Whenever you say that something is, you are also saying that it isn’t.  You can’t have what is without what isn’t, and vice versa.


‘The invisible supports the visible,’ says one of Charlie’s coworkers, Jim Hawkes.

You are within the Theatre, inside the Portal.  The Pulse is steady.

You are in the Haba putting cans of cat foot on the shelf with Charlie.  Across from you is Jim Hawkes, who is putting vitamins on the shelf.  ‘Foxy Lady’ by Jimi Hendrix plays on the stereo.

‘I have to get you in the book,’ says Charlie.  ‘Your last name is Hawkes, the name of the street in Marblehead where my dad lives.  And you were born in 1952, the same year as my dad.’

‘Oh yeah?’  Jim doesn’t seem to remember Charlie noting this to him before.  ‘I think there’s a restaurant near there I used to go to.  I used to spend time in Marblehead when I fixed pipe organs.’

See Jim telling Charlie a week before about the Liberty Trees.  See Jim telling Charlie earlier this night about how eagles mate.  See Jim and Charlie on several occasions talking about Joseph Campbell and Native American Spirituality.


Once upon a time…

it is Friday, December 9, 2011.  Charlie is helping the Customer at Register 7, the Checkstand at the Eschaton.  ‘Well, at my age it’s difficult,’ says the Customer.

‘What do you mean, at your age?’ says Charlie, demonstrating his customary good naturedness.

‘I’ll be 76 in less than two weeks,’ she says.

This Customer has about 20 items or so in her purchase, and Charlie is scanning and unloading these items simultaneously as he engages the nice lady in polite conversation.  ‘I like the number 76,’ says Charlie.  ‘That’s the year I was born.’  Just as he says this, he takes the Customer’s 4 bananas from her cart.  You can’t scan bananas, they have no barcode.  But they do have a number, which is 4011.  These are conventional bananas.  (Organic bananas’ number is 94011.)  Conventional bananas at Unique American Grocery Store are 19 cents each, the same price they have been Charlie’s whole 7 years with the company.

He punches 4 Quantity #4011 Enter into Register 7, the Customer’s 4 bananas @ 19 cents.  ‘Hey, look at that!’ says Charlie.  ’76 cents!’  He turns the monitor to show the Customer, the nice lady who turns 76 in a couple of weeks.

‘Isn’t that interesting?’ she says.  ‘Oh, I believe there’s something going on, most definitely.  I’ve noticed many strange things with numbers, too.’  They talk about it the rest of the transaction.

‘Thank you very much,’ says Charlie smiling.  He thanks her not just for her purchase, helping to pay the bills, but also for strengthening his resolve to finish his book about synchronicity.


The sky is bluer than blue.  The giant hawks descend.  As they descend before Charlie’s wide eyes, they transform into huge people.  There are 9 of them.  One of them lands just to Charlie’s left, about 10 feet beyond him and his black futon mat.


In 1997, Penny Moon chants 7 names of the Goddess at her altar in the basement on Sevinor Rd. in Marblehead.  ‘Isis Astarte Diana Hecate Demeter Kali Inanna.’

Kokopelli plays his flute on a Mesa in New Mexico.

The Spirt of 76 hangs silently within Abbot Hall.


‘In a jackknife juggernaut…I am born again.’

The Disc seems destined to go right in as soon as he releases it.  The sound of chains lightly smashing.  ‘Nice hit!’ exclaims Joe Smith, who stands just behind the basket.  ‘Nice Birdie, dude!’


177. 3-08-10: $75.75 @ 5:07 pm on Register 7, the Checkstand at the Eschaton

178. 10-02-09: $18.55 @ 6:55 pm

179. 3-24-10: $104.78 @ 1:04 pm

180. 3-24-10: $11.06 @ 1:16 pm

181. 4-03-10: $235.03 @ 5:23 pm

182. Date Unknown: 5:52 pm- $99.39 for 33 items

183. 3-10-10: $6.48 @ 6:48 pm

184. 4-05-10: $55.90 @ 5:09 pm

185. 4-05-10: $45.56 @ 5:56 pm

186. 3-25-10: $53.30 @ 5:33 pm

187. 4-10-10: $11.47 @ 7:47 pm

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