23. Number 171

152. 8-28-09: $50.05 @ 5:50 pm.


PKD’s Exegesis (cont.)

“47. TWO SOURCE COSMOGONY: The One was and was-not, combined, and desired to separate the was-not from the was.  So it generated a diploid sac which contained, like an eggshell, a pair of twins, each an androgyny, spinning in opposite directions (the Yin and Yang of Taoism, with the One as the Tao).  The plan of the One was that both twins would emerge into being (was-ness) simultaneously; however, motivated by a desire to be (which the One had implanted in both twins), the counterclockwise twin broke through the sac and separated prematurely; i.e., before the full term.  This was the dark or Yin twin.  Therefore it was defective.  At full term the wiser twin emerged.  Each twin formed a unitary entelechy, a single living organism made of psyche and soma, still rotating in opposite directions to each other.  The full term twin, called Form I by Parmenides, advanced correctly through its growth stages, but the prematurely born twin, called Form II, languished.

The next step in the One’s plan was that the Two would become the Many, through their dialectic interaction.  From them as hyperuniverses they projected a hologram-like interface, which is the pluriform universe we creatures inhabit.  The two sources were to intermingle equally in maintaining our universe, but Form II continued to languish toward illness, madness and disorder.  These aspects she projected into our universe.

It was the One’s purpose for our hologramatic universe to serve as a teaching instrument by which a variety of new lives advanced until ultimately they would be isomorphic with the One.  However, the decaying condition of hyperuniverse II introduced malfactors which damaged our hologramatic universe.  This is the origin of entropy, undeserved suffering, chaos and death, as well as the Empire, the Black Iron Prison; in essence, the aborting of the proper health and growth of the life forms within the hologramatic universe.  Also, the teaching function was grossly impaired, since only the signal from the hyperuniverse I was information-rich: that from II had become noise.

The psyche of hyperuniverse I sent a micro-form of itself into hyperuniverse II to attempt to heal it.  The micro-form was apparent in our hologramatic universe as Jesus Christ.  However, hyperuniverse II, being deranged, at once tormented, humiliated, rejected and finally killed the micro-form of the healing psyche of her healthy twin.  After that, hyperuniverse II continued to decay into blind, mechanical, purposeless causal processes.  It then became the task of Christ (more properly the Holy Spirit) to either rescue the life forms in the hologramatic universe, or abolish all influences on it emanating from II.  Approaching its task with caution, it prepared to kill the deranged twin, since she cannot be healed; i.e., she will not allow herself to be healed because she does not understand that she is sick.  This illness and madness pervades us and makes us idiots living in private, unreal worlds.  The original plan of the One can only be realized now by the division of hyperuniverse I into two healthy hyperuniverses, which will transform the hologramatic universe into the successful teaching machine it was designed to be.  We will experience this as the ‘Kingdom of God.’

Within time, hyperuniverse II remains alive: ‘The Empire never ended.’  But in eternity, where the hyperuniverses exist, she has been killed- of necessity- by the healthy twin of hyperuniverse I, who is our champion.  The One grieves for this death, since the One loved both twins; therefore the information of the Mind consists of a tragic tale of the death of a woman, the undertones of which generate anguish into all the creatures of the hologramatic universe without their knowing why.  This grief will depart when the healthy twin undergoes mitosis and the ‘Kingdom of God’ arrives.  The machinery for this transformation- the procession within time from the Age of Iron to the Age of Gold- is at work now; in eternity it is already accomplished.”


153. 8-10-09: $3.69 @ 6:39 pm

154. 2-20-07: $19.33 @ 10:33 am

155. 1-06-09: $11.53 @ 11:35 am

156. 12-29-09: $20.16 @ 6:12 pm

157. 7-14-06: $15.93 @ 5:39 pm

158. 10-14-06: Customer’s check # 1104 for $10.14 total and date is 10-14

159. 2-14-06: $24.06 @ 4:26 pm

160. 2-14-06: $40.33 @ 4:33 pm

161. 11-10-09: $14.36 @ 7:36 pm

162. 12-10-09: $42.29 @ 6:29 pm

163. 12-10-09: 36 items in purchase @ 6:36 pm

164. 12-28-09: back to back- $15.17 @ 5:07 pm & $51.71 @ 5:08 pm

165. 10-08-09: $25.09 @ 5:29 pm

166. 12-09-09: back to back- $3.37 @ 6:37 pm & $39.38 @ 6:38 pm

167. 12-27-09: $14.14 @ 4:01 pm

168. 1-22-09: $18.00 @ 11:18 am

169. 2-13-10: $22.52 @ 5:20 pm

170. 4-25-10: $25.50 @ 5:25 pm

171. 5-06-10: $27.38 @ 5:38 pm


Charlie is the Customer at Red’s in Salem.

The busboy likes Charlie’s dreads.  ‘How long did it take you to get the dreads?’

Charlie tells him the story he tells everyone, how he lost his brush in Chicago and how, upon arrival back in Massachusetts, Annie transformed his one giant ugly anglo dread into 18 anglo dreads.  He always refers to Annie the same way- ‘my girlfriend at the time.’  He dislikes the word ex=; sometimes he says ‘former girlfriend’.

‘That’s sick, though,’ says the busboy.

The five years Charlie was with Annie were unbelievable (literally).  During that time Charlie was Big Charlie.  Charlie is not a big dude; he’s about average physical stature for a man, but he was called Big Charlie to distinguish him from Little Charlie, Annie’s son who was 9 years old when in 2005 Charlie and Annie met.  (Undoubtedly Little Charlie is no longer little.)

Little Kyle taught me how to swim on the way to New Mexico.

‘Do you miss him?’ asks 22.

Charlie walks within the Projection.  This movie is in 3D.  He walks through the Very Old Cemetery, the sound of shoes on cobblestone.  Just around the corner from Red’s.  Behind the Salem Witch Hysteria Museum.  No cigarette in his mouth this day.  ‘Bones gone home to stone.’  He doesn’t fear death this day.  That’s partly because it is another ridiculously mild early December day.  His fear of death comes on in the cold, when he is chilled to the bone, teeth-shivering.

Nicolas said he is kind of jealous of Charlie’s dreads.  Sometimes Charlie wants to cut them right off and shave his head.  Actually, it is probably more than sometimes that he wants this.  He fears that they- the dreads- are carrying Annie’s energy, since she created them.  Perhaps they keep him tied to her, make him unable to move on, heal and find companionship again.  He is scared.  His heart is going berserk with anxiety this night.  He wants so much to just put the whole experience with Annie behind him, to stop being haunted by it.  It’s been over a year now since he’s seen her.  He feels glad he hasn’t bumped into her these many times he’s walked in Salem.  He knocks on wood.

He can’t cut off the dreads now, though.  It’s almost winter in New England.  Now if he flew south for the winter, well, then he could cut them off and shave his head, not have to worry about exacerbating the teeth-shivering.

‘She destroyed me,’ Charlie tells Nicolas in the Box.

‘She didn’t destroy you, man.’ says Nicolas.

‘I’m afraid she did, but you see, I allowed her to destroy me.  I gave her that power over me.’


Charlie wakes up in his bed, only his bed is not in his bedroom.  It is in a CVS parking lot on Eastern Ave. in Lynn, or what looks like it.  It is a bright sunny day.  It seems like none of the Customers notice Charlie in bed in the parking lot.  Groggy, he thinks of going back to sleep.  Then he notices several huge hawks soaring low overhead.  He stands up on his black mattress.  It is the end of the beginning.


‘Whaaat?’ asks Liverpool Soccer fan Joe Smith, who, incidentally, doesn’t hate Peter Gabriel.  He just hates how Peter Gabriel is always lumped into the World Music genre.  Or something.


Charlie Fitzgerald Grant is born via c-section at 12:10 am on May 29, 1976, while Penny Moon smokes a cigarette in the basement in 1997.


The Pulse quickens.

It is the beginning of the end.

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