15. God’s Laughter

‘He is not a person, this one you call the Antichrist or the Beast.  He is the rigid and divided consciousness which divides the self from divinity.  The battle of Armageddon is not fought on a literal battlefield.  It is fought within each person.’ ~11:11:11


PKD’s Exegesis (cont.)

“39. Out of itself the Brain has constructed a physician to heal it.  This subform of the Macro-Brain is not deranged; it moves through the Brain, as a phagocyte moves through the cardiovascular system of an animal, healing the derangement of the Brain in section after section.  We know of its arrival here; we know it as Asklepios for the Greeks and as the Essenes for the Jews; as the Therapeutae for the Egyptians; as Jesus for the Christians.”


108. 10-29-11: $2.49 @ 4:29 pm

109. 10-30-11: $49.29 @ 4:29 pm


Charlie is surrendering.  See the figure standing at the edge of the cliff overlooking the Ocean?  See the white flag he waves in the wind?

You wanna know what the Customer says most frequently when Charlie shows her the match of her total with the time?  I bet you can guess.  The customer says,  ‘Maybe you should play the lottery.’  Or, ‘Maybe I should play the lottery.”

Charlie has a clever little response to this, ‘I don’t think it works like that.  I think the numbers are playing us.’  Charlie thinks of Hugo Reyes and Lost.


The Universe is One.  One Verse.  One Song in which we all play our parts.

We can choose to produce harmony in the Universe.  We can contribute to the song’s beauty by harmonizing with it.


The battery needs the positive AND the negative charge in order to produce electricity.  The two are one.  Rigid dualistic interpretations are the Devil, the enemy of the liberation of consciousness.

Do not fear the dark.  It is the fullness of being that counts.  Do not fear your own shadow.  There is nothing to fear but fear itself.  ‘C’mon baby don’t fear the reaper..’

There is light in the darkness.  And there is darkness in the light.  The two are one.

Do not follow me.


Charlie feels maybe he is ready to move on to the next level.  He sees these synchronicities and contemplates them because he is open to them.  He is open to them because maybe he is ready to move on to the next level.  We’ll see.  It’s all up to him.  For some it is appropriate to move on to the next level at this time, while for others it is appropriate to remain here in order to learn more lessons.

The battery needs the positive AND the negative charge in order to produce electricity.  The battery is like the Universe.  It is like You.

The word Sin is ancient.  One of the origins of the word Sin is found in the sport of archery.  In archery to sin is to ‘miss the mark,’ to fall short of one’s target.

The stubborn and alienated ego-self, uprooted from its source in the Universal, is the archer who misses his target.  He is unhappy and dissatisfied.

The connected, soul-infused ego-self, re-linked to its source in the Universal, is the archer who hits the bull’s eye.  He is happy and satisfied.

To be incomplete and unhappy-to be an island, a rock, a part disconnected from the whole, to be lost and alone- is to sin, to miss the mark.


Another pair of opposites is memory and forgetfulness.  As Charlie has been remembering lately, sometimes you must forget to remember and sometimes you must remember to forget.


‘See how your total matches the time,’ Charlie says to the Customer.  ‘Isn’t that interesting?’

‘Yes..I suppose…you remind me of my son,’ she says.  ‘He looks at things like you do.’  She looks weary and unhappy, Charlie notices.  He sees this weariness and unhappiness on many of their faces and he hears it in their voices.  It pains his heart.  It is a reflection of his own weariness and unhappiness.  It is the alienated ego-self.  The outer reflects the inner.  The one is two and the two are one.


110. 11-14-11: $50.51 @ 5:05 pm on register 5, after just arriving to work at 5.

Charlie shows the above cash register synchronicity to one of his supervisors, Lisa Smith.  ‘Do you see fives everywhere?’ she asks.  Charlie realizes he hasn’t told Lisa about his collection of cash register synchronicities.  He senses she is about to start mocking him.  He senses correctly.

Next time he returns to register 5 that evening, as Lisa is putting his cash til in the drawer, she mocks Charlie.  She laughs and types in a bunch of fives- 555555555555555- on the cash register’s screen.  She’s not consciously trying to be mean, Charlie knows.  It doesn’t upset him or anything, not even when she makes another joke about it a little later.  Charlie just plays along and laughs.   Not everyone understands, he thinks.  Not everyone is ready to see.


‘Man thinks and God laughs.’  ~Yiddish proverb

111. 4-10-11: $40.46 @ 6:04 pm

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