14. True Love

                        104. 5-8-11: $38.19 @ 11:19 am

You are True Love.  You are the One I meet on the Way.

You are exclusively inclusive and inclusively exclusive and you are the absence of all exclusion and inclusion.  You are unconditional and you are all conditions.  Yet you are also the absence of the unconditional and all conditions.  You are totality and fragmentation, yet you are also neither of these.  You are everything and nothing, yet you are neither of these.  You are all of these words, yet you are also none of these words.  You are my heart whole and healed, yet you are also my heart broken and wounded.  You are the two in one and the one in two and you are not the two in one and not the one in two.  You are the two hearts beating as one and you are the third heart beat created by the joining of the two.  And you are also none of these hearts and heartbeats.

We are drawn to each other like magnets.  Our attraction is irresistible.  You are my companion on the Path.  You are my partner.  You remind me that I exist.  I don’t exist without you.  You are my mirror.  Our love liberates us, elevates us, exalts us..  Our joining is a celebration.  Our love is true, our love is pure, our love is graceful and free, undemanding, without condemnation, without pettiness; it is deeper than the deepest depths and higher than the highest heights; it is total acceptance.  It is complete even when it is incomplete.  And it knows no possessiveness and it knows no jealousy, even when it is possessive and jealous.

Our love is sacred bonding, sacred sexuality.  We meet in the Middle.  We Unite and Divide endlessly.  We are Beauty.  We are Art.  We are the finished work even when we are not finished.

Our Union- the joining of the One and the Two- creates the Three.  We are the Mother, Father and Child, yet we are none of these.

Our love purifies our hearts and minds, burns away all illusion.  Despair and desolation cannot subsist in the light of our love.  Our love is the Flame.  Our love lights up the whole world.  And our love is beyond words, for words are signs that don’t move.  They point, they give direction and that is all.  To become fixated on words is to freeze.

Our love moves and flows like the River back to its Source in the Ocean and then back to the River again.  Our love is beginningless endlessness and endless beginninglessness.  Our love knows no bounds.  It spreads out in all directions, yet it is beyond direction.

Our love conquers fear.  Our love is letting go.  Our love is surrender.

Our love is the Way.  Our love is the Teacher.

Our love is personal and universal, and our love is beyond personal and universal.

Our love is empty fullness and full emptiness.

We are two empty cups ready to be filled.

In knowing everything we know nothing.

In remaining still we move and we flow.

We close that we may open.

We forget that we may remember.

We sink that we may rise.

We regress that we may progress.

We expand.

We contract.

Forever and never.

While our bodies grow older our love grows younger.  We see through the eyes of the newborn.

While our bodies grow weaker our love strengthens.

You are you and you are not you as I am me and I am not me.

I am you and not you and you are me and not me.

I yearn for you like the soldier sent away to battle yearns for his home and family.

My yearning is a raging inferno that would burn me.

You are water to my fire even as I am fire to your water.

You are my family.

My longing for you grows by the day.

I feel I can wait no longer.

I feel I will burn to death.  I feel that I will drown.

But do not worry, O Beloved, I am patient and I would wait forever for you.

I know you even as I do not know you.  I see you even as I do not see you.  I have met you even as I haven’t met you.

We are flexible in our rigidity and rigid in our flexibility.

There is space in our togetherness and togetherness in our space.

We give of ourselves freely and spontaneously.  We do not make demands of each other.

We are acceptance and we are tolerance.

We are spontaneity.  We are excitement.  We are the spark of magic.  We are the Magic Carpet upon which we ride even as we are not the Magic Carpet upon which we ride.

We are mutual respect.  We are compassion.  We are understanding.

We heal the split.

Even though we engulf each other like the tsunami engulfs the land, we do not engulf each other.

Even though we overtake each other like the avalanche overtakes the climber, we do not overtake each other.

We are balanced even when we are off balance.

We fit together like corresponding shapes, like puzzle pieces.  We were made for each other.

Even though we are Sentiment and Frivolity we are not sentimental and not frivolous.  We are shallow depth and deep shallowness.

We are lock and key.

We are the Full Circle.

We are Yin and Yang.

We are the Tao.

We are the Way.

Follow us.

We know the Way.

But do not follow us.

For we do not know the Way.


PKD’s Exegesis (cont.)

“38. From loss and grief the Mind has become deranged.  Therefore we, as parts of the universe, the Brain, are partly deranged.”


105. 8-25-11: $36.59 @ 5:59

106. 6-17-11: $14.14 @ 2:14 pm

107. 6-17-11: $48.49 @ 1:47 pm

108. 6-17-11: $55.21 @ 1:25 pm

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