12. I am an Open Book

100. 5-20-11: $25.72 @ 5:27 pm


I am an Open Book.

Though I am Closed.

I am filled with words.

Though I say nothing.

I am the River Damned.

Though I am also the River.

I am belief and knowledge.  I am past and future.  I am not present.  I have no anchor.  I am Time is Money.  I am all work and no play.  I am inflexible.  I resist change and I do not flow.  I am pinned down.  I am not moving.  I am blocked.  I am afraid.  I am neurotic.

But I am none of these also.

I am alienated ego.

But I am not.

I am unplugged.

But I am also plugged in.

I am the Black Smoke Monster.

But I am also Jacob.

I am not the Way.

Though I am the Way.

There is no Way, though there is the Way.

The Way is through me.

Just as it is not through me.

I am personal history.  I am cold hard facts.  I am this, that and the other thing.  I am artificial ingredients.  I am gender, I am race, I am fact, I am fiction.  I am a part.  I am not the whole.

But I am also none of this.

I am an island and not the sea.

Just as I am the island and the sea.

I am not the Way.

Just as I am the Way.

Do not abide in me.

For I know not the Way.

Just as I know the Way.

The Way is the Middle Path.

The Way is Through and the Way is Between, yet it is neither of these.

I am the light and the absence of light yet I am neither of these.

Follow me.

Do not follow me.

I know the Way.

I do not know the Way.


PKD’s Exegesis (Cont.)

“36. In Summary; thoughts of the brain are experienced by us as arrangements and rearrangements- change- in a physical universe; but in fact it is really information and information-processing which we substantialize.  We do not merely see its thoughts as objects, but rather as the movement, or, more precisely, the placement of objects: how they become linked to one another.  But we cannot read the patterns of arrangement; we cannot extract the information in it- i.e., it as information, which is what it is.  The linking and relinking of objects by the Brain is actually a language, but not a language like ours (since it is addressing itself and not someone or something outside itself.)”


101. 4-8-11: $46.24 @ 6:46 pm

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