9. Lost

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‘Do you watch Lost?’  asks Laurie White Buffalo.

‘No, but you’re like the fiftieth person who has asked me that now,’ says Charlie Fitzgerald Grant.

It is 2008 and Charlie has been living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the city of Holy Faith and the oldest capital city in the U.S.  In 2006 Charlie moved out there to sunny ol’ Santa Fe and he loves it.  He works at Unique American Grocery Store #165, to which he was allowed to transfer from the Swampscott, Massachusetts location, #506,  in 2006.

Charlie was just telling one of his friends at work, Laurie White Buffalo, about his strange coincidences with numbers, including the ones on the cash register.

‘You should definitely watch Lost, man.  It’s a great show and it’s right up your alley, it sounds like.  All that weird number stuff.’

‘Well, yeah, I guess I’ll have to check it out.’

Flash back to 2006.  Charlie is working the register at the Swampscott store shortly before moving to Santa Fe.  Here’s what Charlie’s customer says to him: ‘Anyone ever tell you that you bear a resemblance to Jack on Lost?’

‘Yeah, someone said that to me a couple months ago.’ said Charlie.

Flash forward to 2010.  Charlie has moved back to Massachusetts.  He feels he made a crazy mistake.  He is lost.  He gets a Netflix account.  He watches Lost streaming instantly.  All five seasons in two months or less.  The pilot grabbed him and he is hooked.  He catches up before the final season, season 6, is over.  He watches the final broadcasted episodes at the East Indian Cinema with his friends from work on Thursday nights.  The commercials suck, but it’s still awesome.  He sees now why so many people had been telling him to watch the show.


PKD’s Exegesis (Cont.)

“32. The changing information which we experience as World is an unfolding narrative.  It tells about the death of a woman.  This woman, who died long ago, was one of the primordial twins.  She was half of the divine syzygy.  The purpose of the narrative is the recollection of her and of her death.  The Mind does not wish to forget her.  Thus the ratiocination of the Brain consists of a permanent record of her existence, and, if read, will be understood this way.  All the information processed by the Brain- experienced by us as the arranging and rearranging of physical objects- is an attempt at the preservation of her; stones and rocks and sticks and amoebae are traces of her.  The record of her existence and passing is ordered onto the meanest level of reality by the suffering Mind which is now alone.”


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