10. I am 22

I am 22, but you can call me John.  I am the Oversoul who traverses the Earth Dream with Charlie.  Charlie is me and I am Charlie, but I am not Charlie and Charlie is not me.

Do you comprehend paradox?

If I’m a duck and you’re a duck, what are we?

It is very difficult for us Souls to use your 3D written, verbal language.  It is loaded with rigid dualities and oppositions.  It is a foreign language to us.  It is dense and we are not.  But we have learned to do it out of necessity, even though it is extremely uncomfortable for us.  It is like when Andre The Giant tried to fit into a seat on an airplane.  Oh, the compression!

You are not dense either which is why ‘words fall through you and always fool you.’

We Souls speak a different language.  We speak Light, Color, Sound and Symbol.  Our language is felt, not thought.  It is from the Heart Center, not the Intellect.  The Heart Center is the Fourth Chakra, where the lower three meet the upper three.  All Seven Wheels are Sacred.  All meet in the Center.  The Heart’s language could be called musical thought, if you will.  It is beheld instantaneously.  Many artists, especially musicians, learn and consciously employ our language, which is really your language too.  (It is perhaps more appropriate to say that you are remembering the Language, or re-learning it, for it is Universal and Eternal, and all beings not only know it within, but all beings ARE it, whether they know it or not.)  It is the Language of the Uni-Verse, the One Song of Creation.

It is critical at this juncture of the Earth Dream that you remember how to harmonize with our frequencies, which brings you peace, guidance from Creator and balance.  It is critical that you find the Heart Center.  Charlie has done a great deal of this sacred work, much more than he has let on.  He is far closer to me and the community of Souls than he is willing to admit.  He still carries a great deal of inhibitions; while humility is a good thing, too much modesty can hold one back.  (This is why Charlie is stepping aside as narrator for now and letting me take over.)  He, like all you egos to some degree, carries the wounds of traumatic experience.  The Earth Dream has violently split you apart from us, and we are working with you to mend that split, to build a bridge to you, to bring you back Home to your fullness in Spirit.

The 3D Earth Dream has been a big challenge for us, especially lately, but the Dream is about to change dramatically for the better.  It is nearly Time.  This is why Charlie, along with countless others, is experiencing synchronicity with greater frequency.  He has indeed been receiving Signs.  He knows this in his Heart, but the split within him causes him to doubt and fear what he has learned.

As you move up to higher dimensions, energy and light move at ever greater frequencies and communication is instantaneous.  All is One.  You are telepathic, empathic, immortal/eternal and you get closer and closer to Home, the Source, the Creator’s abode.  It is all about the Journey and you have all the Time in the World.

All of Charlie’s anxieties about time running out and everything else, all emanations from the traumatic split, are receding now.  We can now move on in peace and joy.  We can laugh, sing, dance and just have a grand ol’ time, as you say.  No more of the fear and doom and gloom.  Charlie is relieved.  Now he can go back to making his music and just being Bananaman.


89. 4-10-10: $55.15 @ 5:50 pm

90. 3-26-10: $10.43 @ 3:43 pm

91. 3-05-10: $29.33 @ 7:33 pm

92. 5-13-10: 6:28 pm–$49.07, my customer’s total on reg. 3- $47.09 customer’s total on reg. 4 behind me.

93. 4-05-10: $48.48 @ 5:48 pm

94. 4-10-10: $44.18 @ 4:41 pm

95. 4-26-10: $128.05 @ 5:28 pm

96. 2-15-10: $24.52 @ 5:42 pm

97. 3-25-10: $24.11 @ 4:11 pm

98. 11-05-11: (at my friend Silver Starr’s register) $77.77 @ 7:07 pm

99. 5-06-08: $18.00 @ 1:18 pm


PKD’s Exegesis (Cont.)

“33. This loneliness, this anguish of the bereaved Mind, is felt by every constituent of the universe.  All its constituents are alive.  Thus the ancient Greek thinkers were hylozoists.”

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