“(mul’ber”e) n. 1, a tree or its berrylike, collective fruit. 2, a dull red-dish-purple color.”

That is today’s (Sunday’s/ Son-Daze) Word, which I turned to by ‘chance,’ upon opening my copy of ‘The New American Webster HANDY COLLEGE DICTIONARY.

ALL ABOARD! The Next Stop for the Train (of Thought/ Thoth) will be ‘The Other Side.’

There is no chance it is just chance. That you are now here/ hear reading this. That you are you. Beyond statistical probability. Way be-yon-d. And as Ramtha teaches on page 147 of ‘The White Book’, ‘There is no such thing as the will of God apart from your own divine will.” Blasphemy, you protest? Heresy, you say? New Age b.s. channeled from the ‘Anti-Christ’? Well, I and the Father disagree with you. I and the Father would very much appreciate it if you would consider that you have been misled by organized religion from the get-go. From a very early age, programmed by fear to be(lie)ve in ‘Authority,’ NOT God/ Love/ Light. You have been lied to nonstop by the sick, brutal, inhuman, machine SY-STEM from Day/ Dei- One/ Uni-. Here’s some more of what you may upon first reading erroneously dub ‘blasphemy,’ or ‘heresy,’ further down page 147, the beginning of CHAPTER 11 entitled, ‘The Gift of Love’:

‘God is not separate from you. You and he are one and the same. Your will is his will. Whatever you want to do is what you term divine providence, divine will. So you are never in conflict with destiny, for destiny is not preordained; it is ordained wholly by you. Everything you think creates your moments to come. Your very Now moment is simply the product of the thoughts you had moments ago. That is the science of God. The only thing the Father wills for you is to experience the totality of life that he is, according to the feelings within your soul. Why? So that you come to understand what joy is and the unconditional love that God has for you and all life.

‘In the beginning when the Father contemplated his most splendid self, he expanded himself into the splendor of light. It was from that expansion in light that each of you became God in the form of a unique, singular movement so that you would continue the expansion of thought into forever.

‘In order for God to be an ever-expanding uniqueness through your contemplative thoughts, it was necessary to give each of you the power to create uniquely from the thought that he is. And he did this by giving you the action called free will. The principle of will was given to each of you so that you would be unique and sovereign, so that you would be the creator of your own truth, sovereign in your own understanding. What gives you your divine essence is that you have the freedom to embrace and experience whatever thoughts you desire. And that divine essence, called free will, is love. It is the gift of love from God to each of you. Each of you has the divine essence of will so that you have the freedom to create uniquely whatever ideal you envision through thought.’

So, wait a second, you say, why have I always been told by all the experts in this religious ‘God’ stuff that God’s will is NOT the same as my will? Well, I skipped the second paragraph from page 147 because I knew you would ask me that, and I knew this was the big stumbling block for you, what you keep tripping yourself up on. Why you ‘can’t’ seem to simply get out of your own way.

‘What is called the will of God was CREATED BY MAN so that he could govern and control his brothers. Yet if you believe that teaching and see God’s will as separate from yours, then you will always be in the battle of his will versus yours, for you will want to do certain things and feel you must; yet the will of God says you must not.’

Why do you suppose GO-vernment al-ways claims ‘In GO-d we Trust?’ And these two terms just so happen to begin with ‘GO?’ And, if you are symbolically-literate in the ‘Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet’ (by Alvin Boyd Kuhn), or the ‘Occult (Hidden) Science of Hermes Tri-smegistus (The Thrice Great), the Sac-red, Sec-ret of the Alphabet/ Aleph-Beth(el), House of Jah/ Yah/ Jove/ Jupiter/ Zeus/ Sun/ Son, it is actually the first 3 (tree) letters of ‘Gov’-ernment and the entire word ‘God’ which are the same. D(e)/ #4 & V(e) #22/ 4 are One (On-e) and the Sam(e), the Divin(e) of the Quint-e-ss-e-nc-e, the Fifth Essence, Top of the Pentagram, Parousia, Father & Mother, Alpha & Om-eg-a, Fire & Water, Cause & Effect, On & Off, is & is-naught, night & Dei-t, Empyrean H-eight, 88, Spirit & Matter, Spear-it, Th(e) (E)ther- Air, Earth, hEart: A(e) B(e) C(e) D(e) (e)F G(e) (e)H I(e) J(e) K(e) (e)L (e)M (e)N (a)O P(e) Q(u) (a)R (e)S T(e) U V(e) W(u) (e)X Y(e) Z(e) . . . g(7) + o(15) + d(4) = 26. A-Z-eus/ Zoo-s. Bi-o’s. Log-os. True Wood. Druid. Log Lady. Twin Pines. Twin Peaks. Twin Towers. All Vow-el’s (Ow-l’s of Kn(owl)edge) are 1, the Vows of el, the El-iza-beths, Odd-numbered. Odd = Adam, Dawn, Aries, Mars, March. Even = Eve, Evening, Libra, Venus, Ember/ Amber, September. Adam is the Body. Eve is the Mind. Vow-el’s and Con-sonants. Opening and Closing. Beginning and Ending. Up and Down. Round and Round. The Will is the Wheel. Why were you NOT taught any of this in ‘public education?’ That there is Only (One-l) the A, Alpha, Aleph, The Bi-Bull, The To-Ra-h of the Torus of C-Horus, the Turning W-heel of the Zo-dia-C, the inner Truth of Astro-Logy, the Stellar Word of God, the Light of Life, the O-Ra-gin, Gene-isis, the First Cause/ Thought?

You were not taught any of the Esoteric, inner truth, specifically for the purpose of keeping/ locking you OUT of the inner circle, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically/ literally ON the exoteric, outer-edge, skimming the surface of ignor-ancestry all your days, deaf, dumb and blind, con-fused, turned into a passive con-sumer of your own life, made a foreigner in your own home, ashamed to eve-n be taking up space, afraid of your own shadow, believing in and fearing demons/ devils that don’t exist, shadows of Shaddai projected on the Wall of Plato’s Cave, in 3d, de-luded, walking on eggs-hells for-eve-r. You were NOT taught the Light of Truth, God you are, so that you would NOT know who you really are, God, the 1 within the man-y. (The Tree/ 3 of) Kn(owl)edge is Power. The Branching Braintree with its Pine-al G-land, the 3rd eye/ i/ 9. That is why/ Y you were fore-bitten to eat of it. The Worldly Power to Control others with Magic Spells, The Word(s), to man-ipulate others, to row their boats for them. The only difference between you and the Vampiric ‘El-ites’ is this Power-differential stemming from kn(ow-l)edge, what g-ives ‘them’ the edge, leg-up, ad-vant-age. The Big Y of the Con-spiracy to Control You (Re-mote-l-ee) from Birth/ Berth. This ongoing monetizing, harvesting of your personal data online by the ‘Tech Giant$’ is just the latest man-ifestation (man-infestat-ion) of the Agen(c)y-Con-s-piracy by a ruthless, power-mad, well-organized inner-circ(le)/ Ca(bal) of s(el)f-appointed el-ites/ el-ect, Rich, Fat Cat Psycho$, Owner$ who N-EVE-R Work a day in their lives, Reapers of the Common-Wealth by Stealth, Wicked 1’s Who be(lie)ve they are appointed by God to Rule over you and YOUR LIFE. And the only way they have EVE-R been a-ble to do this is by l-imiting/ shaming your Thought, snatching away your divinely-bestowed free will, your wheel to Steer your Owner-Ship of Relations, your Relation-Ship- Your Boat, Your Body, Your Birth/ Berth/ worth, take you OUT of your rightful place in Part-ner(ve)-Ship with God and make you a worthless spec-tator (couch-potato) of the spectacle, nation-ally tell-advised, hypnotized, corpse-orate spokesperson, mouthpiece, sycophantic pup-pet for pro-fit, merc-enary, expen-dable$, disposable under-ling of the Phony Phoenician (Phoenix/ Phone-ix/xi) Bull(etin), Papal Bull(shit) God of the Bi-bull, the Canaanite Canni(bal) (Cane+Ab-el), Cannon B-all. The simple truth of the matter (mother nature) is that you are ‘it.’ And ‘it’ cannot be compressed into time-track-bound language, scribbled by scribes on papyrus, Riddle written on paper. ‘It,’ ‘you’ is/ are in the ‘Beyond Section.’ Beyond the Be-Yon-d. A-Way O-ver Yon-d-oo-r, Dorothy, The-o-Dor. When you are ‘good’ you are ‘God.’ When you are ‘evil’ you are ‘Devil.’ ‘God/ Good’ is in ‘Heaven/ Head/ Heart/ H-eight/ Greater.’ ‘Devil/ Evil’ is in Hell/ Heel/ Depth/ Lesser. It is all symbolic of you and your life, now here, nowhere, in this ‘parenthesis in Eternity.’ Your choices, attitudes and behaviors in your day to day, dei- to dei-, life. That is the Re-ference P-oint, ‘you,’ ‘it.’

“Didn’t they tell you? I’m the Saint of Blasphemy.” -Christ

CRS = Cash Register Synchronicity (Consumer Recreation Services/ The Game/ Russian Doll)


1. 4:25 PM: (Paul) 55 items – TOTAL $155.22

2. 1:17 PM: TOTAL $111.56 – ITEMS 44 – INVOICE# 8024

3. 1:48 PM: TOTAL $28.70 – INVOICE# 8040 – ITEMS 20

4. 12:40 PM: ITEMS 20 – TOTAL $82.00 – INVOICE# 8008

5. 1:22 PM: ITEMS 22 – SUBTOTAL $84.48 – CITY $0.84 – TOTAL $85.32 – INVOICE# 8027

6. 4:40 PM: TOTAL $64.64 – STATE TAX 1 $0.34 – SUBTOTAL $64.30 – INVOICE# 9287

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A w A y

Spir-it-ed . . .

TODAY, 1/24/2020 10:45 AM, I will spirit you away. We will find a way. Out of this timeline and into the Great Beyond. We’ll take a train. Of Thought. I will be the conduc-tor.

‘All Aboard the Pineal Express to Wonderland.’

The conductor was the Mad Hatter. Played by Deep Johny. Here he is. Playing me. He knew why his train was full this day in Dreamland. It was 1/24/2020, the time of the Trump Trial. The third day of the (beginning of the end of the) Democratic Party endlessly repeating its Trumped-up charges against President Dark-O-ccult, hypocritical, criminal corpse-orate-sponsored don-key$, Pots calling the Kettle Black, all day long, causing a global wave of boredom and frustration, the tension of it rivalling the most boring and frustrating of all hi-story, which- hopefully you know by now- was a Fall from a Great Height, G-Ra-ce, an intellectual Error, NOT a moral one. You were innocent when you slipped into this Harvest to be Reaped by the (bi-o)Cycles/ Sickles. You fell into hi-story, as Eve-n (LibRa/ Psyche/ Spirit/ Mind) falling in the Fable (Fa-bull) of the Garden of Eden (18/6×3/Ankh-en-Aten/Cross-in-Sun/ Son) in the Book of Genetics, like Alice falling and tumbling down the Rabbit Hole. Like the Prodigal Son squandering his inheritance. Swept a way. You knew NOT what you did. So you ARE forg(ive)n. 0 is the her0. The Savior is nobody. But now, right here this very moment, mercifully, hi-story ends, and you venture forth with me on the fast track out of the darkness of the tunnel and into the illumi-nation, aboard my Train of Thought/ Thoth, my Mer-Cur-e, Panacea, Meditation-Medication. In the Gr8 Py-Ra-M-id, the F-ire in the C-enter.

Thought is what underlies all of it. Yes, I said ALL of it. Eve-n E-mot-ion, E-ther, 5-m-ocean. Quint-essence. Parousia. And ‘it’ is by no means arbitrary that your word for this underlying expression of the Mind of the Creator, Thought, is so closely connected phonetically to the name ‘Thoth,’ which is the Ancient Egyptian name for the God Hermes (Greek)/ Mercury (Latin). Thoth/ Mercury is the God/ Planet closest to the Sun/ Son of God, Light of the World, Father (Farther) in Heaven/ Head. His year is 88 days, shortest in the Solar System, which is why Bob Gale and Bob Zemeckis chose 88 mph as the speed the Time Travelling Vehicle, the D(eL)orean, must reach to break through the ‘space-time continuum’/ barrier/ bound-ary. Thought/ Thoth/ Mercury/ Hermes is the God who brought human beings writing (not to mention ALL Science, Arts & cult-ure). He is like All the God(s), All 7 (which are 1/ All 7 ChakRa’s/ Seals/ Colors of the Ra-inBow/ ARch-itect), Occult Science/ Sense, Hidden from Common View/ Percept-ion, Yet He is All View-points and Percept-ions/ Decept-ions, Elec-trick-all Effects/ Off-act-ions. Writing is a magical, divine gift of the God(s), which is why writing has always been regarded by man and womb-man as sacred/ secret and which is why Jesus (God) is the Alpha-Bet/ Beta/ Beth-el/ Om-mega in R-eve-lations. Thoth/ He-rmes is the God of Magic, which is why words are Spell(s), Magi-c, and Who is it that announced where Jesus would be born (in a manger/ stay-bull/ bi-bull/ Tor-ah/ Turin/ Sa-Turn/ Santa-Clause/ Clouds)? The Magi, of course, the Astro-logers/ lodgers of the Log-os, Druid, True-Wood of the Lord, the Word of the World, Whirled, Heard, Bird. The Egyptian Thoth has the head of a Bird, an Ibis, and the body of a man. The Roman Mercury and Greek Hermes have human heads with Bird Wings attached, maintaining the myth-o-poetic synch-link with the Bird, Flight and the Spiritual, Quicksilver, Grease Lightning, in the Flesh, in a Flash. He is the Messenger, the One who delivers the Hidden Message/ Massage, Below the Threshold, Sublime-in-el, directly from the Horus’s M-outh, Sooth of the South, Soul, El Sol, Plasma, Psalm-A, God’s Sun/ Son/ Day/ Dei- Down to the Earth. His Day is Wednesday, for his Norse myth-o-logical correlative (co-r-e-relat-ive)/ correspondence is with Odin, or W/Odin, for wh/om Wednes(W-Odin’s)-Day is named. God the Message yet?

The Tao which can be expressed is NOT the true Tao. Which is to say the Way which can be expressed/ told is NOT the Way. Lao Tzu, author of the ‘Tao Te Ching,’ only spoke when necessary. He hated it when someone wasted breath in pointing out the obvious, like someone commenting that ‘the sunrise is beautiful.’ Which is why he only wrote the ‘Tao Te Ching’ when he HAD TO, after a lifetime of refusing to write, which would have been Anti-Tao. He only wrote of what he knew, the Tao, the Way, when it had become necessary for him to do so. His hand had been forced. He was on his way to die in the mountains, which meant he had to cross the border. One of the border guards just so happened to be one of his students, who told Lao Tzu he would allow him to cross the border, but only after he wrote down his teaching. Thus the ‘Tao Te Ching’ was born, the book about the futility of writing, of saying ANYTHING at all.

It’s futile because you cannot say ‘it.’ ‘It’ is in the Beyond Section. Trance-end-dental. With Morty. Beyond the Bi-nary (1 & n-one) of Mortal and Immortal, Temporary and Eternal. This is what hap-pens when all compli-mentary oppos(it)es m-eet/ m-eat in the mid-d-le/ el. They canc-el each other OUT. They are 1, 2, tree and N-ONE at all. This is why the Tao is like the definition of God I learned from mythologist Joseph Campbell. ‘God is an intelligible sphere whose center is everywhere but whose circumference is nowhere.’ In other words, God is a word for what is beyond words. Beyond explanation. Because God is eternal, the track upon which this illusory-time-train, Thought, currently rides. While simultaneously NOT the track, anymore than ‘it’ is the train. Time flies. But it is an illusory special-effect, electrical outflow of magnetism, so it could never fly or do anything at all. Time is Santa, a Real illus-ion, the One who is Saturn, Sa-Turn, Cronus, Lord of the Rings. Satur-day is Saturn’s Day, the Sat-ire/ Satyr/ Sitar/ Sabbath. And, yes, this is also the Origin of Satan (Say-ten) and the famous Satan/ Santa anagram, in the Moon-th of Dec-ember/ Death-amber/ Decline of El-ec-trick-el l-ight/ No-el, No-el, Born is the K-ing of Isis-Ra-El, Moon-Sun-Saturn, Monday, Sunday and Saturday. For Satan is the Fallen Ang-el/ Ang-le of L-ight, Fallen to the Heel/ Hell B(el)ow. Why did ‘God’ cast this ‘God’ out? For refusing to bow down to his new creation, the human, man and womb-man, created in his/ her its I-mage. And what does Satan/ Saturn do All the livelong day/ Dei- at the Hell of the He-el? He sings in Praise of God. Magic-ally created. By Spea-king the Magi-C Word (Whirred/ W-heard). Abracadabra means ‘I create what I say/ intend.’ And it is connected to Abraxas, God/ Devil of the Ancient Gnostics, Knowers, NOT Be(lie)vers. The real God/ Devil is Beyond Words, Beyond the Phonetics of Phoenicians, Beyond the Beyond. And this 1 who is also 2 is NOT in conflict with ‘it’ s(el)f. Even when ‘it’ is. ‘It’ is only an appearance, an apparition, part-partit-ion, part-ner, p-air of p-ears, pi-ers, a-peer-ants. Yang and Yin, Solar and Lunar, Mascu-line and Femi-nine (Anti-names) are engaged in an eternal dance, together and separate. Nearest and Farthest. Man’s Literary God is the Di-vine Di-vided, NOT Literal, Allegorical, Symbolic, Dual, Du-el, Broken in 2 Test-aments, Old and New, Winter and Summer, Luke and Darth, Light and Dark, Jehovah and Jesus, Saturn and Sun/ Jupiter, Saturday and Sunday (& Thor’s-Day/ Dei), Satan and God, Evil and Good, Even and Odd, Eve and Adam, Cold and Hot, Old and Young, Mind and Body, Fruit and Soil, Femi-nine and Mascu-line. Men are from Mars (Wars/ Mud/ Body/ Clay/ Aries/ Arise/ Blade/ Lingam/ Linguistics) and Womb-men are from Venus (Peace/ Mind/ Fruit/ Libra/ Descend/ Chalice/ Yoni/ Silence). Libraries = Libra + Aries, the Equin-Ox-es, HoRus-Alpha’s, Aleph’s, A’s, A-Zeta. The Scriptural God is but a faint Shadow of the actual, blazing, blinding, inexpressible God, the One, the TaO.

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It Made Things Worse Because It Made Them More Real: Sweet Symphony, Bit-ter Sur-render

Indeed, things were worse now that they had been made more real. This happened when he became aware of his appearance (apparition) in a fantasy fiction (time-travel) novel, & NOT a mere cameo, NOT a bit (byte) part, but the protagonist (an alternate version of him as a time-travelling English teacher). & somehow, albeit secretly to the many, everyone else, he was linked to the mysterious gin, or spirit associated with the past’s (Land of Ago’s) obdurate will, Jim Ladue.

Jim Ladue (Jimla/ Gen-ie/ ginn) was the Author’s codename for James Douglass, secretly encrypting in his script-ure, ’11/22/63,’ his change of heart, his turning from believer in the Warren Commission Report, its lone-gunman Lee Harvey Oswald narrative, to believer in a government conspiracy to kill JFK (not to mention RFK, MLK and Malcolm X & 9/11) and then cover it up by pinning it on its asset, patsy, Oswald,, forerunner of Osama (bin Biden). The Author’s (K-ing C-ard’s) turning, mirrored by JFK’s turning to peace, was triggered by his reading of Douglass’s book. He was convinced that the Warren Commission Report was an elaborate fictional cover-story put out by the government and decided he would finally write his own fictional narrative surrounding 11/22/63,’ in which he would encrypt his emotional adventure from conspiracy denier to believer. He felt he had to do it this way, or else. Perhaps he was right/ w-rite/ Swamp-Scottish. Maybe the ‘King’ would have suffered the fate of the ‘King for a Day,’ Offi(cia)l Sacrificial Lamb, Goat for God. There’s no condemnation here. ?.

JFK ‘CHOSE PEACE. THEY MARKED HIM FOR DEATH.’ The pronoun ‘THEY’ is referring here (on the cover of ‘JFK and the UNSPEAKABLE’ by James Douglass, 2008) to the highest points of unelected power in the intelligence arm of the permanent defense establishment of the Greater US Hegemonic, Military-industrial-complex/ empire, the CIA, which was- during JFK’s presidency- already firmly entrenched in South Vietnam through Operation Phoenix (Phoenician/ Phony-Phonetic$/ Be-Lie-F$), committed to the profit$ which would be reaped in a protracted combat operation in Vietnam and also firmly committed to the perpetuation of the Cold War. At the time of his assassination, ’11/22/63,’ JFK was in the process of turning from Obedient Cold Warrior to its opposite, Disobedient Peace Advocate. This is why he was deemed by his own ‘intelligence establishment’ and warmongering Joint Chiefs a ‘security threat’ and ‘removed.’ The CIA, at its creation in 1947 by President Truman, was given the power of ‘plausible deniability.’ It would do whatever was necessary to efficiently dispose of ‘threats’ to US security interests (corpse-orate war-economic$) and then would deny its criminal involvement, keep its dirty secret$ from the public under the umbrella of national security.

I have a copy of the US Constitution. It comes with The Declaration of Independence. The first ten amendments to the Constitution are called The Bill of Rights. These Rights come from the Creator of the Cosmos, originate from out of this world, the Beyond Section in ‘Click.’ Just ask Little Kyle. Right, Morty, Christ-opher Walk-in? Well, Nowhere in these documents is there any mention of the CIA, NSA, FBI nor IRS, nor FEDERAL RESERVE BANK(H), which is as FEDERAL as FEDERAL EXPRESS. These are all private-investor, BANK-STER-based, anti-constitutional, anti-democratic organizations which have invaded the Re-public during its small hi-story in this small world (whirled/ after-all) and which (Greenwich/ Green-wicked-wicca-w-itch-wick-m-atch/ h-atch) are, as we speak, choking the dream of Demo-cracy (People Rule/ Self-determination/ Self-Governance/ Auto-Nomic Nerve Us Sy-stem) in this my nation of birth/ berth as a Bouncing Bay-be Buoy, Bobbing on the C/ See/ Sea, Current-Sea, Currency, C-ash F-low, Liquid Ass-et$, Soul-d, Sol-d-oo-R, Soldier, Sol-dier, Sack-Ra-fire-ice, Sacrifice, Uni-Verse . . .

If a critical mass of humanity does not awaken to the violence of inherited and socially-indoctrinated ideology- mass-minded-belief-sy-stems- you can kiss all bio-logy of Mother Earth/ Mother Nature goodbye. It is not a mere quirk that we have always called Earth our Mother. Mother is the Symbol of Care/ C-air. W-here do you suppose our word ‘matter’ originates? It comes from the Greek word for ‘Mother,’ which is ‘Mater.’ All Matter is Mother. All Mother is Matter. What’s the Matter? Mother is the Matter. The Heart of the Matter, Earth, Terra, Terrestrial, Extraterrestrial. Dark Matter is Dark Mother. Kali. Isis. Astarte. Diana. Hecate. Demeter. Inanna. Hannah-Baal-lecture.

‘Mother,’ ‘Matter’ and ‘Mass,’ and all Words beginning with the Letter ‘M, do NOT begin with ‘M’ by accident, or at ‘Ra-nd-om.’ There’s no chance it’s just chance. It is by de-sign, as eve-rything to do with The English/ Anglish Language/ L-Anguish is by de-sign (d-oo-r sin-e).

Our Letter ‘M’ is the descendent of the Phoenician ‘Mem.’ It is a PictogRam of a Wet Wave. ‘Mem’ Means ‘Water.’ ‘W-ater/ W-otter’ M-oves in W-aves. D-aughter. Hannah-Baker Dozen. Dodecahedron. Hide Ra Island. W-ater is the Element (L-Lament) of M-other, M-atter, M-oon, Money, M-ood, Mono-the-is-M, Tides of Time, Titanic Vess-el, Monday, W-ork W-eek, Weak-N-ess. The Sin of Eve is symbolic, a signal of the Sine Wave, All Anti-Names, Antonyms, Complimentary Opp-o-Sites, Interdependent and Interchangeable, Mutually Exclusive and Inclusive. ‘The All is Mind. The Universe is Mental.” ~The Kybalion . . . M = 13, the Mid-el, Pyra-mid, Horus, God of Dual Relations. W = 23. Upside Down. Downside Up. Ah-p. Letter #16. Letter#6. P-h. F. E-f-f-ort. E-f-f-ect. O-f-f-act. Eve-act-ion. Evacuation. Eviction. Evisceration. Eventual. Everlasting. Evermore. Evergreen. Tree. Three. See. Sea. C. Mister E. A B C D E. 1 2 3 4 Fire. S-k-in. Flesh. Flash. The Tempt-ation$. Carnivore Carnival. Carcass Caress. Car Care. Auto Mo-b-ile. Self Moo-v-e-ment(al). Incarnation. Incarceration. Laceration. D-Cision. D-Side. Door-S-ide. Delta/ Daleth/ Tent-Door/ Letter D/ At the Fore/ 4/ For/ Fair/ Father/ Farther/ Fear/ Fare/ Farm/ Form/ Morpheus/ Metamorphosis/ Metaphor/ Metabolic/ Diabolic/ Double/ Devil/ World/ Deva-l/ Whirled. S pin Psy K ill. D C limb. Braintree 3 Massachusetts. Chew Sets. Dendrites. S pine. Pine al G land. 3rd eye, eve, i. Sac Red femi 9. Secret Secretions. Sea creations. Crust a shuns. Ache horns. Benjamin. Linus.

M is letter number 13 of 26 in the Alphabet-tickle Order of Orion, Smack Dab in the M-id-d-le of the Alpha-beta, Aleph-Beth-el, House of God, Light of the World, Word, Log-os Lady, Lord of the R-ings, K-ings of Capital-is-m and Social-is-m, Marxists, Mars-ists, Wars-ists, Moses, M-ark-on-Texture, M-ix-Ture-Us. Brea-king the Spell of El. Cast on the Sheep-el. Power to the People. Take it back from the Powers that Believe They Be. They Might Be Gi-ants. Emmet Brown. Micha-el Ang-el-O. Be Severely Civilly Disobedient. Now. woN. The only time you have. Which like totally has you. Bittersweet surrender. See Charlie Waving the White Flag. Down By the Riverside. He ain’t gonna study War no More. No More Damning the F-low.

(Just because I oppose war/ violent violations of others’ sovereignty, does NOT Mean I am a ‘Marxist.’ Does NOT automatically make me a Socialist/ Communist/ Common-ist. You are the Uncommon within the Common, and Vice Versa. This is What I am)…

What happened?

What happened.

It happened.

Cosine Sh-it.

It’s Around the Corner.

The Excrement Hitting the Air-Conditioning.

Terence McKenna is right. It is a tragedy to go a whole lifetime without a psychedelic experience. I’ve taken walks through the cemetery and thought about that, how sad it is that so many of the dead never got high.

Here’s a Cash Register Synchronicity (CRS) from December 23 that got separated from the rest. Lost and Found: 12-23-2019: 3:18 PM – 18 ITEMS in purchase/ trans-act-ion. Two days before Christmas. In the obdurate past, before I read pages 795 & 796. (21&22/ ’11/22/63′)

This is a book already written. We are all already dead. Don’t be afraid, Ozzie Rabbit. Just continue to Read line by line, page by page, day by day. What the hell else are you gonna do? Yeah, you don’t want the book (bouquet) to end, but you want to find out what happens, so you keep reading, turning the p-ages.

A Wrink(le) in Ti(me).

James Hurley.

Hugo Reyes.

Luisa Rey.

Ana Lucia.


Boston Red





















Ben: I think we’re a parasite species.

Charlie: I think we don’t even exist. We’re eternal, immortal, infinite light, consciousness. In our desire as expansion itself, incapable of experience/ expertise, we desire our opposite, compression- we want experience. So we create a Maze Made of Amnesia, Sleep, Dock-Taur-Us. We are Lost, Locked into that Maze, Labyrinth, Soul/ Sol caught in Perpetual Re-birth, Re-cyc-ling. Round and Round, Spin, Storytelling, Jesting, Hypnotic Sug-gestion, Di-gestion, In-Di-gest-ion. G-astral. G-astro. God-star. doG-Ishtar. Easter. April. Mighty Aphrodite. Hermetic. Occult. Hidden from the Ocular. Concealed. Sealed. Re-Vealed. Ra-V-Elations. Boo-k. W-hol-e G-host. Haunted House. Doc-ToR-Us. Do-N-ut. Naught. Night. What is. What is Not. Knotted. Dually no-ted. No el. No el. Is Ra El. Moon Sun Sa-turn. W-heel. Achilles. Ache-kills. K-ills. k-now-ledge. hip-g-nosis. noses. scents. sciences. con-science. consciousness. conscientiousness. Etym-ology. Origins. Aura-genes. Light. Life. Lift. Off.

I am a hobbit. I even lived in a hobbit house in Santa Fe. In the Railyard District Downtown in the City Different in the Land of Enchantment. 218 Maynard S-tree-t. A Casita, little house. The ceiling was just above my head- 5’8.5″- made me feel tall. Hobbits have hobbies. Habits. Habitats. The Shire. We love regularity, predictability, no alarms and no surprises. So when I was called to adventure by the Wizard, Wise-s-word, of course I hesitated. For a very long time. But eventually I couldn’t resist the Call. I heeded. I surrendered. Let go and let God. God Grant me the Serenity. Courage to Change (Ch/alle/nge) the things I can and the Wise-Dome to K-now the Di-fference.

Stream of Conscious-ness. Loch.

Luck-sh-me. Lady. Lakshmi. Married to Vishnu (Sustainer-God). Luck (fortune/ wealth) is Married to Sustenance/ Maintenance.

Log-ic Lady.







Magic stick.




The Ch-Alice and the Bl-ade. (Bull-ladder/ leader/ Bladder)

Jacob- Jack- Jake- Epigram

Life is a Dance

Are we Hue-Man?

C R S = C ash + R egister + S ynchronicity


12:49 PM: TOTAL $120.49

I don’t play the lottery. I communicate with the divine directly, experientially, through sign(al)s, symbols, spiritual communication from the sur-round-ing environ-ment, Creator’s living mind expressed through eve-nts. The miraculous is. Right now. Right here. No-w-here else?

Quest-ion & M-An-Swear.

I Swear to God.

God’s femi-9 side is called Goddess.

God’s Yin side. Lunar. Recep-t-ive.





CRS (continued)


3:51 PM: Invoice# 6244 – Total $28.44

“The contemplative has nothing to tell you except to reassure you and say that if you dare to penetrate your own silence and dare to advance without fear into the solitude of your own heart, and risk the sharing of that solitude with the lonely other who seeks God through you and with you, then you will truly recover the light and the capacity to understand what is beyond words and beyond explanations because it is too close to be explained; It is the intimate union in the depths of your own heart, of God’s spirit and your own secret inmost self, so that you and He are in all truth One Spirit.” (Thomas Merton; Letter, August 21, 1967)

I have nothing to tell you. I can only reassure you. I am an-other you. From a di-mention torn free of the future. So deeply interwoven into the Magi-C C-arpet- L-inked inextricably, Emergen-C-Sect-ion- Birth & Berth- Shipping & Re-C-eiv-ing- that I cannot begin to fath-om its depths (and h-eights). Neo-, the -oNe, is New. Strange. Stranger Than Fict-ion. Stranger Things. Doctor Strange Sleep. Dan. Dna. Man. Hand. Land. Gland. Sand. Stan in the Science Lab. The Messiah is on Netflix. The R-ev-olution will not be tell-advised.

2:12 PM: Invoice# 0107 – Total $17.59

11:22 AM: 11 Items – Invoice# 8248 – Store # 5 0 6 – Ma tri-x – S-tore – S-tory – Hi- 358 Broadway – Route 1 – 0848 – 5290 – May 29 – 16 – 16 – 16 – 7 7 7 – Total $24.69

11:37 AM: Total $152.67 – Invoice# 8257 – Tax $0.37

11:27 AM: Total $8.48 – Invoice# 8252 – Items 4 – (781) 231-

12:12 PM: Total $8.16 – Items 4 – Invoice# 0041

12:24 PM: Items 12 – Total $24.78 – Invoice# 0047

12:27 PM: Items 26 – Total $78.07 – Invoice# 0049

3:03 PM: Items 23 – Total $49.09

2:45 PM: Items 21 – Total $60.62 – Invoice# 6206

3:20 PM: Invoice# 6225 – Total $54.25 – Items 15

3:31 PM: Items 13 – Total $38.67 – Invoice# 6231

3:29 PM: Items 49 – Invoice# 6229 – Total $127.85

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"Kyle, for God's sake." (5.29=L.AW) III

“So that crazy guy had a name. A perfectly normal one. Kyle, for God’s sake . It made things worse because it made them more real.(Page 796, 7+9+6=22, of ’11/22/63′ Copyright 2012 by Stephen King)

I was born May 29, 1976 at 12:16 am. It would have been JFK’s 59th birthday. JFK was born May 29, 1917. My father Peter’s birthday is November 22, 1952. JFK’s assassination was the day of dad’s 11th birthday. My birthday is JFK’s birthday. My father’s birthday is JFK’s death-day.

As I said, I was born at 12:16 am on May 29, or 5-29. 5+2+9= 16. Here is the full 3 part name I was given at birth, or berth (bay-be buoy/ Row, Row, Row your boat/ body): Kyle Charles Grant. Kyle is 4 letters. Charles is 7 letters. And Grant is 5. 4+7+5= 16. So I was born on the 16th minute of May 29th, 5-29 (5+2+9=16) and then given a full name comprised of 16 letters.

By far my greatest passion as a child was baseball, the only sport I pursued, and to the point of obsession, always playing or creating make-believe games and leagues and whole seasons in my imagination. Fenway, at the Ken-more Sq. stop on the Green Line, with its Green Monster and Triangle and ancient, magical hi-story can do that do a kid. From the ages of 12-15, in Swampscott, Massachusetts, USA Little League and Senior Little League baseball, I was on the Town All-Star Teams, all four years in a row. And only one of those All-Star Teams went on to win the District 16 Championship, yes District 16, I shit you NOT. The year we won the District 16 Title was my last season, at the age of 15- and I wore the number 15, also, and I was one of only 5 or six 15-year-olds on the team, oddly comprised of a majority of 14-year-old phenoms, 3 of which have gone on to be famous in the world, one the founder of ‘Bar Stool Sports,’ one an ESPN sports-broadcast analyst and another a Major League Baseball Executive who came up with former Red Sox GM, current Cubs GM, Theo Epstein.

I turned 22 years of age while living in San Diego, California in 1998, when I was first reading the writings of Terence McKenna, specifically his ‘Archaic Revival,’ having just heard him on the Art Bell show. I had recently started going to bi-monthly San Diego UFO Society presentations, the first of which was Area-51 watchdog, Norio Hayakawa. I moved to San Diego from Mass (where I grew up) in ’97 with a woman named Jackie, who was 33 years of age. I found out during my third or fourth month in San Diego that it is on the 33rd Parallel, 33 degrees North Latitude, and that there is even a skyscraper downtown that has three angles at its peak and each one is 33 degrees. Before this synchronicity I knew nothing of 33 and its symbolism, let alone that Dallas, site of the JFK assassination, is also on the 33rd parallel, along with Baghdad, Iraq (I-Ra-q/ cue). . .

During that time, when I was 22 living in San Diego, on the 33rd Parallel, I had two part-time jobs to make ends meet, one at Henry’s Market on Park Boulevard, a convenient five minute walk up the Cali-alley, with the wall Graffiti ‘EXILE’ just outside the back of the tiny studio-apartment/ house at 4012 Georgia St. Henry’s with the bulk-bins and where I got my vegetarian cuisine fixings, this being my first foray into vegetarianism. Well, Henry’s Market had a number for each of its departments and the number of the Customer Service Department was: 22. The other part-time job I had during my time in San Diego, the first job I got with Jackie’s help, was at the Ken Cinema on Adams Avenue, opened in 1947. Ken Cinema was, when I was there, and may still be today, Theater Code# 220 in the Landmark Cinema Corporation.

When I was 33 years of age, I moved back to Massachusetts, after 3 years living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I stayed for several months in the spare room my mom offered me in the apartment she had just rented on 33 New Ocean St.

In 2011, at the age of 35, I opened this WordPress site to share all that information with you, all of that synchromystic/ synchronistic auto-biographical information/ data.

At the end of 2019, I finally got around to reading Stephen King’s ’11/22/63.’

It was my first Stephen King novel, an 848 page one. When I was nearing the end of ‘The Overstory,’ which I enjoyed so much I started wondering what novel to read next, I thought immediately of ’11/22/63.’

I had gone to see ‘Doctor Sleep’ a couple moons prior, near Halloween. ‘Carrie’ was my early introduction to horror movies. I remember the blood pouring on her, scared the be-Jesus outa me, like the blood flood in ‘The Shining.’ Dad told me I reminded him of Danny. When we lived in the yellow house on Essex St., I would ride my big wheels in the cemetery across the street, with the cannons and cannonballs, riding among the dead, like Danny riding through the halls of the Hotel Overlook with the Spirits (Alcoholic B-eve-Ra-ges/ Al Ghoul).

So there I was, at the end of 2019, reading ’11/22/63.’ On page 117, the protagonist, Jake Epping has taken on the name/ identity of ‘George Amberson’ in the year 1958. He’s time-travelled through a bubble in Al’s (Al Templeton’s) Diner’s pantry, gone from 2011-1958. 1958 is the mirror of 1985, the year of Back to The Future’s release and 1+9+5+8= The Number 23, (starring Jim Carrey). The 23rd hour of the day is the 11th hour, 11 pm, the Witching Hour. Where was I when I got to page 117? I believe I was sitting in Whole Foods in Swampscott with coffee and breakfast. In 1958, Jake, who is a man from the future, in 1958, thinks of his parents- his mom would be 5, which means she was born in ’53, same as my mother, Donna. His father would be 6, which means he was born in ’52, same as my father, Peter.

Then, 116 pages later, on page 233, we finally learn Jake Epping/ ‘George Amberson’s’ age, how old he is. After he has returned from 52 days in 1958 and is talking with Al Templeton in 2011. Al asks Jake his age. Jake tells him. He’s 35. Which means he was born in ’76 like me ( Same age as I was in 2011, 35, when I opened this sight to share the synchronicity of my life, my birthday being the same as JFK’s and my father Peter’s birthday being the day of the assassination, November 22. Dad turned 11 on 11/22/63. A boy living in Lynn, Massachusetts who, as a young man 13 years later, would become a father for the first time, in ’76, father of a boy born 16 minutes into JFK’s birthday, 5-29 (5+2+9=16). A boy given a perfectly normal name. Same normal name as an important time-travelling character in a dystopian movie to be released 8 years later, in 1984, a movie starring a future California governor, former bodybuilder.

Then, getting real close to the emotional climax of the 848 page (88 mph) suspense thriller, on pages 795-796, I learned, along with everyone else who has read ’11/22/63,’ that the Yellow Card Man’s name is my name, ‘A perfectly normal one. Kyle, for God’s sake. It made things worse because it made them more real.’ It was just a couple of weeks ago. I was sitting right where I am sitting right now, in my bedroom here in (Jeru)Salem, Ma. I won’t soon forget that moment. Unless I get premature Al-zheimer’s (like Al-zheimer’s, but NOT Al-zheimer’s) from being so close to the ‘bubble/ rabbit hole.’

Put all this together, check out the contents of the first posts I made here in 2011, the ‘Cash Register Synchronicities’, ‘Little Numerology Card’, and see how eerily ALL of it connects with the entirety of ’11/22/63,’ not just here and there, but EVERYWHERE. There’s no chance it’s just chance. This is why Carl Jung coined the term ‘synchronicity,’ which means ‘meaningful coincidence,’ and is a term denoting ‘an acausal connecting principle.’ Phenomena beyond Cause and Effect, A-B, non-linear, and in total, flagrant violation of all ‘laws’ of ‘probability.’ The question most commonly asked when faced with these ‘coincidences’ is ‘What does it mean?’ And the answer totally depends on who you ask, of course. A rationalist, one who is one-sided, biased on the Ra-tional, or masculine polarity/ solar principle of consciousness, would tell you these types of things mean nothing. Thank God I’m NOT one of them. I simply would have debunked all this in a knee-jerk, or reflexive/ auto-matic manner if I was a Ra-tionalist by temperament/ attitude. Rationalists do NOT understand that there is a difference between belonging to a Religious Creed and having a Religious attitude. I do NOT subscribe to any creed of any organized Religion, but I do have a Religious Attitude, meaning I take it as a given that there is more to intelligence, more to the Psyche/ Soul/ Mind of man than just the Ra-tional. There is Ra-tionality in the Irrational, and obviously this is true vice versa, true both ways. Don’t believe me? Just watch how irrational a Rationalist gets when you tell him or her that they are one-sided- in denial. Persist and you will see the ‘Rationalist’ become hysterically irrational, irate and red-faced.

I think they, the synchronicities, mean not just some-thing, or one thing alone, or any old thing; Ra-ther, I believe they mean many things at once and NO things at all, (there are no nouns/ knowns, only verbs, no products, only processes) all at once. Just because it is silent, doesn’t hit you over the head and tell you what it means, just because it’s subtle doesn’t exclude its having one or many meanings.

What happened?

What happened.

What does ‘it’ mean?

What do ‘I’ mean?

What do ‘you’ mean?

What does a ‘tree’ (3) mean?

Have you ever really sought the answer? Have you gone on the quest implied by having a quest-ion? Seeking = See-king. Have you been conditioned by your consumerist pattern of living to expect quick re-sults, re-sponses, an-swers, for your convenience, comfort? Has too much comfort/ security (in a situation, life and death, which is inherently uncomfortable and insecure, enfolded by vast, gaping cosmic mys-tery) made you intellectually and emotionally lazy? Incapable of diving deep? Assuming psychology and philosophy are only for experts in psychology and philosophy?

And just because it wasn’t consciously intended doesn’t mean it wasn’t intended. Somehow. Always and never. For-eve-r.

It looks to me that the meaning is in the re-cognition. In the direct experience, which provides expertise, self-kn-ow-l-edge, directly com-moon-eye-k-ted, psyche to psyche, soul to soul in the only time we have, now.

I am part of a dimension torn free of the future. Did I not mention that already?

Could be, anyway. Is that not what all this hyper-linking, master-number synchro-mystic phenomena point toward, in that di-rection? It sure as hell does. Yes, it’s silent (but deadly, like a fart), open to w-inter-pretation, but when shit piles up like this, to deny it is merely to admit one’s unwillingness to face facts, one’s willful ignorance (ignore-ance-s-tree/ family tree/ 3/ free/ see/ sea/ letter ‘c’).

The fact of the matter is: I truly don’t want any of it. Especially the implications, the excessive response-ability, burden, weight, that it all implies. Being the King’s Her-o, Pro-tag-o-n-ist. The agony of it. Bearing the Cross. I don’t know if there’s anyone alive who can relate better to Bilbo Baggins than I these days. It’s also reminiscent of Pope Francis’s hi-story, his reluctance to take on the martyrdom of being Pope, Papa. I would prefer NOT to have all this connection to 11/22/33, Synchronicity, the Master Numbers of God, the JFK assassination and the only Stephen King novel I have read. And that’s probably why I have the connection.

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"Kyle, for God's sake." (5.29=L.AW) II

Al, look, there was simply no other way it could have happened.

What happened?

What happened. The Unspeak

a bull actually occurred.

This is what it is. I had to read it in 20-19, ’11/22/63.’ I had to go those eight years from 2011 until then NOT knowing (what was secretly re-vealed/ dis-closed) in that nov-el. “The owls are NOT what they seem.” “It is happening again.” Twin Peaks. Twin Pines. Twin Towers. Twi-light Z-one. I had to be there reading the 848 page tome at that mom-ent, sitting in the comfy chair inside Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers, outside the Adventure place, so that at that mom-ent I would be told I have a ‘handsome twin’ by that nice big ol’ lady who coulda’ sworn I was someone else. Welcome to Bananaland, man. Bananaland is just an-other way of sayin’ Wonderland, which goes to Govern-ment C-enter (at the end of the Blue Line, just before Bow-den) . . . If JFK had been able (a-bull/ bill) to do as he had wished, shred the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind, maybe we wouldn’t be here, and maybe I wouldn’t have to play this Mad Hatter/ Yellow Card Man Role, down here at the end of the Rabbit Hole/ bubble of Time, Hi-story. But I also do happen to believe everything happens for a Reason/ Ray-sun/ Re-son; it’s just that usually we don’t like that Reason (Ray-son/ Ra-Sun- John 9:25- ‘He answered and said, Whether he be a sinner or no, I know not: one thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see.’ C.R.S. Consumer Re-creation Services. Cash Re-gister Synchronicity. Past Present and Future are One. The Tree is the Three. All 3 aRe Sim-ul-tan-eous. Separative ego fracks them, frag-mentation.

Now I see, Al. You are the ‘train man.’ The train is time and the track is eternity. We’re on the right track (to un-convering and un-derstanding, un-raveling the written riddle, the magic go-spel(l) of el, the el-ec-tric(k) of l-ight/ l-if-e) . . . There is no time to waste. Literally. The track (eternity) is cause, reality, truth, the l-ight of the h-eight (ether/ either/ whether/ weather/ wetter/ wedding/ wetting/ we-eating/ we-eat-her/ Mot-her earth/ heart/ eat your heart out). The train is effect (time/ tie-me), off-act, illusion, special-effect, green room, moon room, 23-7, 2730, 2703, 9/27, little Kyle, Sale-m, Rose-line Chap-el, Roslyn S-tree-t, trick or t-r-eat, 43, 3/24, Libra-Aries, Aries-Libra, equilibrium, equal-Libra-Om, Chris Grisc-Om, et phone home, homophone, illus-ion, de-lus-ion, Lost Numbers, Shadow Play, I-s-Land, Se-Par-at-ion, Se-c-t-ion, Sex-ion, E-on, E-Ra-y. ‘Erased from existence.’ Eternity canc-els out time. Cause overturns, forgives, all its effects, debts, deaths, divine, divide, A-Z. A-O. A-T. Father to Mother. Fire to Water. Spirit to Matter. Self to Other. One to Two. Womb to Tomb.

Yes, Sadie (Sa(n)die(go), 33, I am from the future. I came through a bubble, a port-al. Pro-jected onto the movie screen, moon-Eve scream.

The very purpose for starting this writing in 2011, at age 35, was to share the synchronicity of ‘my’ ‘life’ (in Autobiographic-al fiction-al form/ 4m/ 44/ 8):

I’ was born 16 minutes into JFK’s birthday (May 29th, 5/29, 5+2+9=16, 1+6=) in the year 1976 with a father whose birthday is 11/22, the day of the assassination, Dad having turned 11 on that day 13 years prior. That synchronicity was an ‘act of God,’ a ‘Gift’ (‘Pre-sent Mom-ent’) from the Creative Mind of the One behind it All, the Order in the Chaos and the Chaos in the Order, Alpha and Om-Mega (A-Ton/ God’s Sun/ Son), with the express purpose, along with several other glaringly synchronistic phenomena experienced along the way, of shifting my awareness away from the noise of the ignorant, conformist collective of my time committed to its own self-destruct-ion, and pointing it toward the transcendental interconnectedness underlying all the noise, the dance of sound and silence, visible and invisible, shifting me into conscious recognition and remembrance (anamnesis) of not only past-life but also future-life, all life, all tied tog-ether in time, bound just as a book (bouquet) is bound, down the c-enter, mid-l, the s-pine. And a book wears a jack-et, just like your body. That’s cuz, symbolically, the book is your body, beginning where one always begins, Genesis (Genetics, the O-Ra-Genes/ Origins of Isis/ Gene-isis/ Goddess of all Goodness, Fertility, Re-Production, REsurr-ection/ action/ Di-Rection, Dereck).

John 10:11- ‘I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.’

I am the sun, the son. I shine, issue forth, photosynthesizing all that grows on my green earth, heart. I am love.

I know that this is true about J-FK (that Jim Marrs was right, and so is Jim Douglass/ Jim LaDue): HE CHOSE PEACE. THEY MARKED HIM FOR DEATH. And I know we are still living in the wake of the injustice of the murder and cover-up by the real perpetrators of JFK’s murder, the legally-sanctioned criminals in the CIA. Because they got away with the JFK assassination, they were able to then go forward and take out Malcolm X, MLK and RFK. And now, here we are in 2020, downwind from these events, living in the valley of the shadow of America’s Nightmare on Elm St. in Dei(ty)-Lay/ Ley Plaza, sight of Da(ll)as’s first Freemasonic Temple (33 degrees of Masonry, Dallas is on the infamous 33rd parall-el), NOT to mention the FACT that an aeria-l view of Deal-y Pla-za in Da(ll)as (De(rr)y) re-veals that it is structured in the same shape as the pyRamid with its capstone Re-moved (and the All-seeing Eye of Ra/ Re/ HoRus Resting in its place).

Page 142, ‘JFK and the Unspeakable: WHY HE DIED AND WHY IT MATTERS’ (2008) by James Douglass:

“In his deepening alienation from the CIA, the Pentagon, and big business, John Kennedy was moving consciously beyond the point of no return. Kennedy knew well the complicity that existed among the Cold War’s corporate elite, Pentagon planners, and the heads of ‘intelligence agencies.’ He was no stranger to the way systemic power worked in and behind his national security state. But he still kept acting for ‘the interests of the great mass of other people’- and as his brother Robert put it, to prevent ‘the specter of the death of the children of this country and around the world.’ That put him more and more deeply in conflict with those who controlled the system.

We have no evidence as to who in the military-industrial complex may have given the order to assassinate President Kennedy. That the order was carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency is obvious. The CIA’s fingerprints are all over the crime and the events leading up to it.

According to the Warren Report, Lee Harvey Oswald told the U.S. Embassy in Moscow on October 31, 1959, that his new allegiance was to the U.S.S.R. He said he had promised Soviet officials he ‘would make known to them all information concerning the Marine Corps and his specialty therein, radar operation, as he possessed.’ However, the Warren Report did not mention that in the Marine Corps Oswald had been a radar operator specifically for the CIA’s top-secret-U-2 spy plane. By not admitting Oswald’s U-2 or CIA connections, the Warren Commission avoided the implications of his offering to give ‘something of special interest’ to the Soviets. Oswald was either a blatant traitor or, as his further history reveals, a U.S. counterintelligence agent being dangled before the Russians as a Marine expatriate.

The head of the CIA’s Counterintelligence Branch from 1954 to 1974 was James Jesus Angleton, known as the ‘Poet-Spy.’ As an undergraduate at Yale in the early forties, Angleton had founded a literary journal, Furioso, which published the poetry of Ezra Pound, e.e. cummings, and Archibald MacLeish. After he went on to Harvard Law School, Angleton was drafted into the U.S. Army. He became a member of the Counterintelligence Branch of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), World War II predecessor to the CIA. The OSS and CIA suited Angleton perfectly. Counterintelligence became less a wartime mission than a lifelong obsession. For Angleton, the Cold War was an anti-communist crusade, with his CIA double agents engaged in a battle of light against darkness.

Investigative journalist Joseph Trento testified in a 1984 court deposition that, according to CIA sources, James Angleton was the supervisor of the CIA assassination unit in the 1950’s. The ‘small assassination team’ was headed by Army colonel Boris Pash. At the end of World War II, Army Intelligence colonel Pash had rounded up Nazi scientists who could contribute their research skills to the development of U.S. nuclear and chemical weapons. The CIA’s E. Howard Hunt, while imprisoned for the Watergate break-in, told the New York Times that Pash’s CIA assassination unit was designed especially for the killing of suspected double agents. That placed Pash’s terminators under the authority of counterintelligence chief Angleton. Joseph Trento testified that his sources confirmed, ‘Pash’s assassination unit was assigned to Angleton.”

1:17 (1 minute and 17 seconds: 5 0 6) Tri-nity – Ma-Tri-x – Tri-logy – Heart eartH

CRS = C-ash + Register + Synchronicity

17 Cash Register Synchronicities collected on 1/14/2020. El = 17. E (5) + l (12). El is Canaanite/ Phoenician/ Phonetic for ‘God.’ ‘God is l-ight.’ ~John 1:5. God can be neither proven to exist by believers nor disproven by non-believers. As Jung pointed out, faith (in God/ ‘Higher Power’) is like salt in the diet; even if you don’t know it’s good to have some in your diet, it’s still good to have some in your diet. Faith in God is psychotherapeutic, freeing the mind from troubling itself with matters out of its jurisdiction, putting it in accord with truth, that the only things one has direct control over are one’s own attitudes and choices in moment to moment experience. Without letting go and letting God, the ego is alienated, atomized, becomes overwhelmed, disoriented and just plain neurotic, worry-wart, control-freak.

1. 6:31 pm: Items 18, Invoice# 8077, Total $108.77 – Subtotal $58.42 – City Tax $0.35

2. 5:43 pm: Items 45 – Total $123.10 – Invoice# 8052

3. 3:27 pm: Items 37

4. 5:45 pm: Invoice# 8054

‘There’s no chance it’s just chance,’ says Charlie at the Re-gister at the En-d of Hi-story, #1.

5. 3:22 pm: Items 11 – Total $37.34

6. 6:04 pm: Invoice# 8066 – Total $6.68

‘Everyone’s too busy,’ says the Customer, the One. Ms. Nobody who is Everybody. She understands. Trading deep spiritual connection to Mother Nature for ‘material progress/ convenience/ efficiency/ indus-tree-al Re-vol-ution/ Re-volve-pollut-ion/ Po-is-on iv-y/ eye / eve-al-one/ eve-n-ing/ Lib-Ra/ Baal-lance Beam/ Be-Am/ i / 9 / di-vine / di-vide / Day-vid/ Deva / Deus/ Dis/ Astro-/ Gastro-/ in-test-in-/ Al/ El/ i / Jah/ Yah/ Way/ Tao/ Two/ Tw-in/ Too-in/ Tune/ A-Ton/ At-on-e-men-t-al/ El-lament-Al/ a+i = 1+9 = R+a/ 18+1/ Son/ Sun/ Soon/ High Noon/ Moon/ Mono-the-is-m/ 13/ Hannah Baker Dozen/ Dodecahedron/ Tetrahedron/ Tetragramm-/ Aton/ A-ten/ 10/ 01

7. 3:11 pm: Items 11 – Total $52.47 – Invoice# 6692

8. 3:29 pm: Total $13.26

9. 3:14 pm: Items 10 – Total $30.10

10. 2:42 pm: Items 14 – Total $40.46 (4+0+4+6=14, date 01/14/2020) – Invoice# 6676

11. 5:54 pm: Total $32.51 – Items 10 – Subtotal $32.20 – Invoice# 8058

12. 5:17 pm: Total $3.15 (Cooper) – Change $16.84 (100-16=) – Invoice# 8040 – Items 4

13. 5:08 pm: Items 14 – Total $29.92 – Subtotal $29.42 – Invoice# 8034

14. 5:07 pm: Items 12 (5+7) – Total $22.08 – Invoice# 8032

15. 3:58 pm: Total $38.58 – Items 22 – Invoice# 6710

16. 5:21 pm: Change $16.17 – Items 7 – Invoice# 8043 – Total $3.83 (3+8+3)

What I think (out loud and clear, for all to hear/ here) is: the divine is real and is talking to us through our direct experience, even through the cash register. After all, Adam is Odd and Eve is Even (Aries and Libra, Equinoxes, Equilibrium, Calibration, Mars and Venus, March and September, Hermes and Aphrodite, Hermaphrodite, Androgynous Anthropological Android. But that’s just what I, Yellow Card Man/ Mad Hatter, think(s). “The All is mind. The universe is mental.” ~The Kybalion

17. 3:44 pm: Items 5 – Change $5.45 – Total $4.55

I am the Garden of Eden

I am the Gaia-Ra-den of Eatin’ (18=6+6+6/ Eight+Ten/ A-lpha+10/01/ The One/ neO/ Beast/ Be-east/ House of the Rising Sun/ Aries/ 3 o’clock/ Arise/ Horizon/ Horus-eyes-on/ Z-ion/ L-ion/ L-eo-nard/ Lion-hard/ Bernard/ Bear-hard/ Phoresy/ P-Horus-see-sea-c-1-2-tree/ Re-v-e-l-at-ion-$/ Book/ Bouquet of Flowers/ Phallus/ Ph+Alice in 1-D-oo-R-L-and/ dna/ Dan-I-el)

I am Adam and Eve in the Garden

I am Odd and Even

I am Dawn and Evening

I am the Serpent in the Garden

Kundalini at the base of the S-pine

Unwound round the Brain-tree to the





3 of Know-l-edge +

3 of L-if-e



Mystery of the


o hi m





D ivi
















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"Kyle, for God's sake." (5.29=L.AW)

‘You see there’s a lot more to Mathematics than just numbers and equations… The mind can make the most amazing things.’ ~

The birthplace for ALL of man’s scientific acheiv-ments? The mind.

Where is the ONLY ‘place’ we can conceive infinity? The mind.

‘Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe.’ ~Galileo

Galileo = Gaia+Leo (The L-ion of Earth/ hEart)

That is what I am.

That is who (how) I am.

Le-o + Virg-o + Lib-Ra + Scorpi-o + Sag-o-Taurus + Cap-Ra-Corn + Aqua-Osiris + P-Isis + ARies/ ARise/ Ana-g-Ra-m-aR/ + Tau-Rus/ Ho-Rus + Gem-in-I + CanceR/ C-Ra-b/ See/ Sea-Son/ Sun/ Be/ Bee/ Beth-el/ House of God/ All 12 Signs/ Signals/ Sine-El’s/ Signa-tures/ Sign-Taurus/ ToRus/ ToRah/ TaRot/ RotaRy/ ToweR/ Two-R/ 22/ April Fool Card/ 0 Her0 / Ne0/ Mr. No Body/ Boat/ Abode/ Home-less/ Wandering StaR-t/ StaR-e/ SteeR/ Ring/ W-heel/ Hell/ Head/ Heaven/ H-Eve-n . . .

IN 2010 ‘I’ lived at 33 New Ocean St. when ‘I’ was 33 years of age. There was a liquor store right across the street, in my ‘circle.’ On the Swampscott/ Lynn line. There was, unbeknownst to me at the time, a time-travelling portal, ‘rabbit hole/ bubble,’ which encapsulated this area. One of the ‘doorways’ opened by the loonies who ‘secretly’ ‘rule the world.’ The doorway is still there here in 2020, along with several others which have been opened since. But this was 2009-2010, when I binge watched ‘Lost’ on Netflix, shortly after moving back to Mass after 3 years in NM. My mom just so happened to have moved to 33 New Ocean St. a little while before and had a spare room for me upon my return from Santa Fe. When Micha-el Jack-son ‘died’ and that was all you heard about (in the ‘news’).





2011 (11×02=22).




Little Numerology Card.

Yellow Card Man.


Welcome to Bananaland, man.

‘That crazy guy had a name. A perfectly normal one. Kyle, for God’s sake. It made things worse because it made them more real.’

Call me obsessed, call me mad, call me what you like. Mad hatter. Nutter. Call me Al. But ask yourself, how would you react if you, a nobody like me, found out you were somehow the King’s protagonist, the her0? Don’t forget (Mat-thew/ Maat-Theo/ Truth-God 7:1), ‘Judge NOT unless you be judged.’ Is NOT the whole idea behind reading fictional narrative (naRRat-Eve) to lose yOuRself in the protagonist and his/ her/ its tale/ tail/ yarn/ thread/ weave-world/ whirled? To identify with the her0 on the great adven-ture s-tory, the journ-ey of (t)hi-s-tory/ 8-Torus/ Myth-o-log-os? To get so Lost that you get Found? Of course that’s the whole I-dea, the p-oint. Even as it is NOT. All anti-names (antonyms) are interrelated, interdependent and ultimately one. The two is one and the one is two. How it is = How it isn’t.

Who R U? Puff the magic D-Ra-g-On. Queen. Bee. Eve. 32. 23. Five. Fire alive. First born. Uni. Corn. Cap Ra. Corn. Crop. Crap. Reap. Ripe. Ban-Anna. Hannah Baker Dodecahedron. Prince. S. Di-Anna. Twin Pill. aR. Emergen-C B-Ox. A-leph. A-life. Al-pha-Bet-A.

E-merge & S-ee

Pro-cedures must take effect. ‘Reality’ is a special effect, an elec-tri-C. Of the l-ight. Real illusion (persistent) and illusory ‘Reality.’

11/9 + 9/11 + 1/19

Don(nie/ald) D-ark-O (Door-Archon/ Arch-itect-ure)

The scene: It is 5:29 pm (5+2+9=16/ 7) in Australia. Over a decade ago. Not now. The digital clock in the car reads 5:29. ‘Kyle, for God’s sake.’ Ana Lucia and Dr. Christian Shepherd. Outside the bar in which Sawyer/ James Ford/ Jacob 4D sits, awaiting his synchro-mystic meeting with Dr. Christian Shephard, Jack’s father who will soon ‘die’ of alcoholism.

‘Everybody has to die sometime, kiddo.’


Donald Trump = Donnie Darko

The 9 hawks descend from Ab-ove. Below them Charlie sleeps on a black futon in the CVS parking lot (in broad daylight), the CVS on Eastern Ave. in Lynn. Where his Mother and Father met in the early 70’s. They were two college kids working at ‘Richdale’s’ (before it was a CVS) . . . Kyle (Charlie) was still just an evil glint in his Father’s eye, a dormant potentiality, seed and egg, a future possibility/ proba-bill-a-t . . . (ah-ee-t-ee, x-pressed phonetically/ phone-home/ homophone) . . .

Do you know how to get to Charlie Grant’s house?

Is it cold in Santa Fe?

That’s from a tv commercial, a Christmas ad, that was aired during the 2011 Christ-mas season, right after I had started this sight, giving myself the fictional name ‘Charlie Grant,’ and having just returned from Santa Fe.

I am AbRa (CadabRa) . . . The Magi-C Word. Go-sp-ell. The W-hole G-host of the W-hole Bi-bull (ToRah/ To-Ra/ 2-Lights/ Parallel/ Pair of El’s/ Yang and Yin/ Sun and Moon/ Mars and Venus/ Aries and Libra/ Libraries . . . That I am

I am.

‘Johny/ God is an American.’ 1997 = 26 (1+9+9+7) (12:16 am) (g+o+d) (m+i+d) (dog-dim/ Anna G. Ra-m) (phone-home/ homophone/ same-sound/ sun/ son/ day/ dei) . . . ‘God is Light.’ -John 1:5
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CRS, ‘The Others’ & The Lost Book Clu-b

Yes, Ms., it is indeed ‘spooky.’ (The Synchronicity/ The Police/ The Car/s 5253 Mar-ty McFly/ Flight 815/ 1958-1985/ 23/ 2, 3’s/ 2 trees).

But it’s a beauty-full kinda spooky. Like a haunting melody. See ya in another life, brotha. Hume. Hue-man. Homo. Hummus. Earth. Heart. Adam. Atom. Aton-e. At-one-ment(al).

These 47 Synchronicities I have to share with you today are NOT . . . 

stored in Emergen-C boxes (C-Section/ SacRed ScaR), like the early ones from the beginning, in 2011 (11×02). They are Re-prints.

I’ve been going back and re-reading the beginning of this WordPress site (c-it-e), after reading ’11/22/63′ and finding that the novel’s protagonist is the same age as me in 2011, 35 (born in ’76), AND his parents were born the same years as mine, mother in ’53 and father in ’52.  And the Yellow Card Man’s name is my name.  And (al-l) this on top of the fact that I started this ‘blog’ in 2011 (the year ’11/22/63′ takes place and was released) to tell the synchronicity of my life- my birthday is JFK’s birthday- May 29- and my father’s birthday is the day of the infamous assassination in Dallas, on the 33rd parallel, November 22, 11/22.  As I pointed out at the beginning, 11 & its multiples are the Master Numbers in Numerology (Pythagorean, Esoteric Mathematics/ Mathe-magic)- see ‘Donald Duck in Mathe-magic Land’ from 1959, which just so happens to be the year after Jake Epping/ George Amberson travels through the ‘Rabbit Hole’ from the ‘future,’ 2011, 1958.  11-22-3(6)3.  San Diego is on the 33rd Parallel also, and Sa-n Die-go (Sa-Die) is where I was living at the age of 22, when I had 2 part-time jobs- one at Ken Cinema on Adams Ave., which is Theater Code# 220 (22-0) in the Landmark Cinema CoRpse-oRation and the other job at Henry’s Marketplace on Park Boulevard (Bull-a-vard), where I was the ‘head bagger’ in the Customer Service Department, which was Department #22.  I moved to San Diego- on the 33rd Parallel (a fact I hadn’t real-eyesd until after having been there several months/ moons)- with a woman 12 years my senior, 33 year-old Jackie *, which just so happens to have been the name of Jack Ken-nedy’s wife.

1958-1985.  The ‘Back to the Future’ connection.  George McFly.  Flight 815.  The Number 23 (1+9+5+8) . . . Skidoo.  James Carrey.  Jim (Gem) Carry.  Career.  Carrier.  How do you get to Charlie Grant’s House?  Is it cold in Santa Fe?  I am one of the Homoplasmates, even as I am NOT.  Gem-in-i.  T-win.  Twain.  Be-twe-en.  Mi(n)d.  Psyche.  Key.  Photon of Aton.  The Tetragramm-Aton.  Hierophant.  PhospHorus.  CHorus.  24/7.  7/42.  13-M.  23-W.  Lucy-offer.  Christ-offer.  Chrism.  Crisco.  Anointed with The Oint-ment.  May King a Point.  Jim LaDue.  Jim Do-ug-La-ss.  The Unspeakable.  Thomas Merton.  The OA.  The Overstory.  The Arc.  I am 22.  The Master Numbers.  Universal Service. 59 & 56. Jessie (Jesus/ G-Zeus) S-tree-t. Crescent (Christ/ Krishna) S-tree-t. Ma-Donna. Pa-Peter. Ja-son & Mat-thew. BR-others. 5253. Police (car bumper) ‘Synchronicity.’

Illumi-nat-ion.  Halluci-nat-ion.

What happened?

What happened.

The Unspeak

a bull.

Double trouble.  20-20.  Di-Vision.  Di-Vine.  Bi-bull.  Pair-a-bull.  Fa-bull.  Bulletin.  Papal Bull/ Pay-a-bill.  P al.

‘I’ collected 47 (Masonic Compass set to 47 degrees/ big G/ 33) of ’em (CRS’s) yesterday (24 on 1/12/2020) and the previous day (23 on 1/11/2020) . . .

I am Dan-I-el, man of God.  I am Dna.  The Surprising Serpent (Orion/ O-Sirius/ Supernatural Super-Serious) Rising.  K-in-g.  Ra-eyes-sing.  Re-born. Life is a dance.  I am that, Kokopelli, fertility sym-bull, Lotus bloss-om-ing.  On the Horizon, Horus eyes on, Z-ion.  AnagRam.  Jake (J-ache Epping.) EpigRam.  George Amberson.  Mr. Anderson.  Andrew.  THE Man.  Everyman, as Mr. Kane said in 12th Grade English.  THE One.  NeO.  Uno.  O no.  O yes.  Her o.  in.  uh-oh.  Spa-get-e-o.

Did the AuThor, the King read my 2011 posts?  In the future?  Which is now the past?  Using the Rabbit Hole?  String-O-Vision?  Stranger than Fiction?  ‘It made things worse because it made them more real.’  You be the Judge, Judy.

‘Kyle, for God’s sake .’

pages 795-796.  (21+22 = 43/ 7, age at which I read ’11/22/63′ at the end of 2019)

page 233. (23+3/ g.o.d./ infin-8/h-atch/ 108/ Dharma Initiative/ Initiation)

page 117.  (9/11 & 7/11 / 77 / C+h+r+i+s+t / Al-Easter / Ishtar / Oz / Ounce$)

11/8 – 88 mph – Mercury’s Y-ear = 88 days / daze / dei’s / d-a’s

CRS = C-ash + R-egister + S-ynchronicity (C-onsumer R-ecreation S-ervices/ The Game starring Micha-el Do-ug-La-ss/ LaDue)


3:41 pm: DEBIT $41.43 – ITEMS 7 – Invoice# 3116

2:58 pm: Items 22 – Total $82.93 – Invoice #3091

2:59 pm: Total $29.51

2:38 pm: Subtotal $83.90 – Invoice# 3082 – Items 32

2:09 pm: Total $26.09

2:12 pm: Items 15 – Total $41.61

2:28 pm: Items 11 – Invoice# 3078 – Total $13.15 – Tax $0.62

8:22 pm: Cash $22.00

3:22 pm: Items 22 – Invoice# 3106 – Total $79.18 (16/7)

3:11 pm: Invoice# 3100

3:15 pm: Total $155.31 – Invoice# 3102

4:00 pm: Total $54.34 – Items 26 – Invoice# 3126

3:56 pm: Items 12 – Invoice# 3124 – Total $43.68 – Subtotal $42.68 – State Tax 1 $1.00

5:59 pm: Total $8.48 – Invoice# 7000 – Change $1.52 – Items 2

5:57 pm: Items 17 (el) – Invoice# 6997 – Total $26.41 (g+o+d=26)

6:00 pm: Items 6 – Total $15.56 – Invoice# 7002

6:07 pm: Invoice# 7007 – Items 31 – Total $88.31

6:18 pm: Total $24.58 – Items 12 – Invoice# 7013

6:09 pm: Items 18 – Total $40.12 (Georg-ia St.) – Invoice# 7009

8:51 pm: Items 18 – Subtotal $40.18 – Invoice# 6102 – State Tax 1 $0.47

8:31 pm: Total $25.13 – Items 7 – Invoice# 6091

8:39 pm: Total $29.10 – Items 10 – Invoice# 6095

8:35 pm: Items 53 – Subtotal $132.77 – State Tax 1 $0.25 – Total $133.02


6:26 pm: Total $112.39 – Items 39 (My Full Birthday- 05/29/1976, JFK also born 05/29- Reduces to 39/12/3 & last week, reading Jim Douglass’s ‘JFK & The Unspeakable’ (2008), I learned that JFK and Jackie’s miscarriage baby in ’63, just months before the assassination, lived for 39 hours and 12 minutes.) Invoice# 7466

6:33 pm: Total $7.47 – Invoice# 7471 – State Tax 1 $0.19

6:32 pm: Items 15 – Total $35.45 – Change $4.55 – Invoice# 7470

6:20 pm: Total $21.22 – Invoice# 7463 – Subtotal $19.97

6:07 pm: Total $73.37 – Items 23 – Invoice# 7453

6:00 pm: Items 12 – Total $31.48 – Subtotal $30.88 – Invoice# 7449

12:44 pm: Items 24 – Total $48.36 – Invoice# 3364

12:32 pm: Items 42

5:43 pm: Total $47.30 – Invoice# 7438 – Items 20

12:23 pm: Invoice# 3347 – Total $23.95 – Items 5

12:19 pm: Items 19 – Invoice# 3344 – Total $55.71

11:44 am: Items 7 – Total $22.23 – Invoice# 3324

12:28 pm: Total $28.40 – Items 20

12:30 pm: Cash $3.00 – Invoice# 3353

11:33 am: Invoice# 3314 – Items 37 – Total $90.73

11:35 am: Total $25.07 – Items 13 – Invoice# 3316

11:25 am: Total $11.05 – Items 5 – Invoice# 7277

11:42 am: Total $21.63 – Invoice# 3322 – Items 11 – State Tax 1 $0.44 – Subtotal $21.19

11:40 am: Items 4 – Change $0.04 – Invoice# 3320

11:48 am: Total $33.24 – Items 6 – Invoice# 3328 – After showing the customer her synchro-mystic receipt with all the mathe-magic on it, she told me that her number has always been 16- that she ‘sees it everywhere.’ Then I told her the following facts of my life related to 16: my birthday 5/29 reduces to 16 (5+2+9), my full name is 16 letters (Kyle Charles Grant), I was born at 12:16 am and the Little League district I played for in Swampscott was District 16.

16 Hundred Pennsylvan-ia Ave.



11:53 am: Total $81.22 – Items 28 – Invoice# 3333

12:01 pm: Total $41.15 – Items 15 – Subtotal $31.15 – Invoice# 3337

12:34 pm: Items 23 – Change $0.43 – Invoice# 3356

6:36 pm: Invoice# 7474 (1111) – Total $9.45

‘There’s no chance it’s just chance,’ says Charlie to no one in particular and everyone in entirety.

Welcome to Bananaland, man . . .

‘Earth is really dying.’ & ‘We’re NOT gonna talk about Judy.’ DB = 42

Geoengineering is the #1 core causal factor behind the implosion of Mother Earth, the bio-sp-here, spirit hear, loud and clear (cut). . .

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